Friday, March 16, 2018

Going Green

I'm wearing green for St. Patrick's Day a little early, as we are having an Irish-themed party at the office today. I made chocolate chip cookies tinged green for the occasion, too! Food coloring can be so much fun. I tried a new cookie recipe, but I'm not sure how great they came out. It was basically a sugar cookie with green food coloring and chocolate chips. Chapin was not a fan, but I had a few compliments from people at work. I haven't tried them yet myself.

Today's dress is one I've had for several months, but when I didn't end up wearing it during the holiday season, I decided to wait and wear the dress in March. It's the perfect Kelly Green hue for St. Patrick's Day.

Dress: Alice and Olivia Corina Lace Fit and Flare Dress

I love lace, and this dress is all about lace. The cap sleeves are probably my favorite part of the dress, so delicate and feminine.

Shoes: Casadei Croc-Embossed Leather Slingback Pumps

Chapin is working this weekend, but was off most of today, so we had lunch together. We have found a new place nearby that serves both Ramen (for him) and sushi (for me): Eight Sushi Lounge. If you go (and like sushi), try the Geisha Roll: King crab salad and crunchy romaine lettuce rolled with fresh salmon, tuna, mango puree and rice pearls. It was amazing!

This weekend, I plan to spend a lot of time catching up on my sleep. The time change has really messed with my internal clock, but I just love getting to drive home from work when it's still light out. Plus, we are having some beautiful weather here in Atlanta. Is Spring here to stay? We shall see...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Still Sweater Weather

I know I shouldn't complain about Atlanta weather, especially when the Northeast is having so much snow dumped on it, but I hate the cold. At least I can wear my sweater and long-sleeve dresses a little bit longer... like today's sweater dress from Trina Turk.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Trina Turk Amur Striped Sweater Dress

In addition to Amazon, the dress is also available at I love the bright, 70s-era colors, and the dress is more casual than a lot of dresses in my closet, and just so easy to wear.

The dress retails for $248, but I didn't pay that. I actually paid just $38! You know I love a good deal, especially when it's that good.

Sandals: Jimmy Choo Lang Sandals in Flame

I just wore these shoes in my last post, but they went so well with this dress that I had to wear them again. I actually find these Jimmy Choos super comfortable -- and, of course, they look fabulous, too.

Saturday we turned the clocks ahead for daylight savings time, and I wish we could just keep time on this schedule. It seems to suit me, even though it will take my body a week to adjust. I like getting up early and having so much light at the end of the day. Turning the clocks back and forth seems like such an antiquated practice, and I wish we would just stop. Sheesh!

Hopefully you're adjusting better than I am!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Starring Fashion

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I had my laptop open and was working during the arrivals show and then the subsequent broadcast, though I have really only seen a few of the films nominated (and only one film nominated for Best Picture: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri).

My favorite part of the Oscars has always been the fashion. I love seeing the different color trends, the glamorous dresses, the heels, and the lavish jewels. (My favorite dress of the night? Probably Jennifer Lawrence's sleek gold Dior. Mira Sorvino's exquisite Romona Kaveza dress was a close second. I'm a sucker for that kind of immense floral detail.)

I thought it appropriate to wear something adorned with stars today, since I spent so much of yesterday drooling over them, so here I am in this casual Parker dress. Mondays are always so stressful for me; it's nice to wear something that's easy and comfortable, but still looks great.

Dress: Parker Martha Dress in Red and Blue (no longer available)

Parker dresses love showing off the shoulders and arms, and I probably have several versions of this same silhouette. I was drawn to this dress because the print and the ruffles make it so fun and feminine. While the dress looks purple from far away, it's actually blue and white striped with blue stars and red dots woven into the fabric. It's quite patriotic.

I chose to wear red shoes (by Jimmy Choo) to try to bring out the red dots a little bit more.

Friday, March 2, 2018

With a Roar

It's a new month -- March! -- and that means unpredictable weather, St. Patrick's Day and the start of a new season. It's windy and chilly in Atlanta today, and it's also Friday, so I thought I would break out this English Factory dress for a casual day at the office. It's a little on the short side, but it's cozy and warm and just super cute.

Dress by English Factory

Booties by Prada

English Factory is a new brand for me, but seems to be everywhere:

I found this particular dress on when I was browsing the site during Black Friday, and was immediately intrigued. The pieces are cute and chic, and the prices are extremely reasonable. Most dresses, for example, retail for around $100.

The dress I'm wearing today is sold out, but here is a similar style.

There is a lot you can do with the styling here. I think the dress would look great with boots, though I chose booties. You can tie up the bow-tie, or not, like I did. I let it hang loose like the model photo.

The dress hits me mid-thigh, so beware if you're tall!

Since it's Friday, I'm looking forward to a lazy evening at home with all my boys. Chapin is making a gluten-free pasta dish from SunBasket, and we will have a new episode of Project Runway All Stars to watch. (I'm not a huge fan of the All Stars version, but it's still a fun show to watch.)

Chapin and I are supposed to tackle my closet this weekend, and I'm dreading it. He wants to re-organize it and add more hanging space, but that means taking everything out and hanging it all back up again. Ugh. And with the size of my closet (it's a really a whole bedroom), that will take forever.

Happy Weekend!