Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pink, Red, Flower, Chocolate

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm wearing a beautiful pink sheath dress from Black Halo -- and my most colorful Jimmy Choos -- in honor of this special day. I'm also eating a lot of chocolate. Valentine's Day is, after all, a candy-coated holiday.

Dress: Black Halo Magdalena Sheath Dress in Begonia Pink

I adore so much about this dress: the flattering neckline, the structured cap sleeves and the gorgeous color. It's definitely appropriate to wear this shade of pink, named for a flower, on Valentine's Day.

The dress is no longer available, but here is another Black Halo dress in pink that also conveys a good mix of professionalism and sexiness. After all, what else should you expect from Black Halo?

Black Halo tends to run small, so if you're not sure what size to get, size up. You can also try on Black Halo dresses at department stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Max 120 Multicolor Suede & Metallic Leather Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals

Hopefully you have a wonderful evening with your sweetheart planned for tonight. I know I do!

Happy Valentine's Day 2018!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cranberries In Bloom

Valentine's Day is almost here! I can't help but want to wear a lot of red and pink this week in celebration of a holiday that's all about love. 

This will be the 18th Valentine's Day I have spent with my husband since our first Valentine's Day together in 2000. I remember that night so clearly. I had just gotten over strep throat, and was so excited to be going out for dinner on Valentine's Day. I did not have a lot of luck with guys in high school and college, so this night out was a big deal for me. Chapin not only took me out for dinner, but also gave me a Clinique Happy perfume gift set. I believe his mom helped him pick it out. He was so thoughtful and sweet... and still is today. He's at Whole Foods right now buying ingredients for our special Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow night. 

Dress: Shoshanna 'Park' Short Sleeve Lace Midi Dress in Cranberry

Today's dress is one I saw online at Saks, and I just fell in love with the lace detail and the beautiful red color. (I love shopping the Saks app on my phone... maybe too much!)

You can still buy the dress on Amazon and Neiman Marcus, but it's sold out at Saks.

This dress is drowning on me, though! Many people have commented that I have lost weight recently, but I'm not sure how that could be possible, since I continue to stuff my face with carbs and sugar. I am wearing my usual size four, and it does seem like I may need a smaller size. But since the dress was purchased as a final sale item, I guess I'll just have to grow into it. ;)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Tallow Sandals in Nude

I love pairing nude shoes with red dresses, and this is by far my most comfortable pair of Jimmy Choos. I would love this shoe in every color.

The Tallow sandal is no longer available, but the Sheila is very similar... and I love that name. It's the name of a very special lady in my life: my mother-in-law!

How are you spending Valentine's Day this year? It's a Wednesday, so I know a lot of people are staying in. Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Dreaming of Springtime

I can't get over how stressful and crazy this week has been. Needless to say... I'm so glad it's Friday! Although I will have to work this weekend, I also have some fun things planned, like High Tea with some of my Book Club friends. I can't wait!

Today's dress is one that definitely reminds me that Spring is on the horizon. Atlanta has been having some weird weather lately: cold days, thunderstorms, and days that start in the 40s only to end up in the 60s by lunchtime. That's Atlanta weather for you, though.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Parker Blue Floral Aurora Dress

Shoes: Loeffler Randall Piper Wedge Scallop Sandals

I adore this print, though I have similar dresses from this brand. I like the cut at the shoulders, and the shorter skirt shows off my legs in a nice way.

As Seen On:

Kristen Bell wore the dress on one of my favorite TV shows: The Good Place. If you're not watching this show, I definitely recommend you start. It's one of the smartest, funniest, more engaging shows on TV right now.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Racy Lacy

I don't think I realized this Trina Turk dress featured lace cutouts on the sides when I bought it. I got such a good deal on the dress (on Rue La La) that I didn't look too closely at the details. But even though I feel a little "exposed," the dress is still exquisite and professional enough to wear to the office. Plus, there's always room for another LBD in my closet.

Dress: Trina Trina Turk Philo Lace Sheath Dress in Black

The dress also comes in a vivid pink (called guava), and both colors are still in stock at Saks Off 5th.

Sandals: Jimmy Choo Lottie Metallic Leopard Print Sandals

In other news...

Work has been so stressful lately that I find myself looking forward to ordinary, everyday occurrences:

  • My morning run on the treadmill, when I can lose myself in a good show. (I just finished Season 4 of Grace and Frankie. I love this Neflix series and hope my sisters and I can be like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin when we grow up!)
  • My afternoon walk with the boys. If I have time, I try to go home to walk Norman and Wally during my "lunch break". I so enjoy the fresh air and seeing my boys amidst a hectic day. I live just eight minutes from the office, so it's easy to run home if I have a free 30 minutes.
  • A glass of wine and a good meal with the hubby in front of the TV. I'm so tired when I come home, I just like to relax. We are getting into some new shows, like Counterpart on Starz.
  • Baking. I love measuring out ingredients and putting them all together to create something delicious. Although my recent attempt to create my own caramel brownie recipe failed miserably, I plan to try again soon.
  • Writing this blog and photographing my outfits. I've been updating this blog on and off for about eight years now. That's a lot of dresses!

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Gail Dress

This dress from Alice + Olivia is not only adorable, but named the 'Gail' Dress. How could I not buy it? I will always think of my sister, Gail, when I wear it. She is so sweet -- one of the 12 dedicated readers of my blog. Gail, if you're reading this... love you!

Dress: Alice + Olivia Gail Box Pleat Wool Blend A-Line Dress (available to buy on eBay)

The bow tie is removable, and it's cute either way. I know it seems a little preppy, a little school uniform chic, but I like this soft and feminine look. Plus, you just can't go wrong in Alice + Olivia.

Shoes: Kate Spade New York Jill Rosette Espadrille Wedge Sandals

I've worn these shoes on the blog before -- my Gilmore Girls sandals! Lorelei married Luke while wearing them, so they always bring a smile to my face.

Photo courtesy of
If I look tired, it's not because I was up late watching the Super Bowl and then the post-Superbowl episode of This Is Us, but because I'm stressed at work and just not sleeping well. I worked all day Sunday, and still feel behind! I know that's par for the course when you run a small business, but I miss my weekends. At least I got to go out with some friends Saturday night for dinner at Scout in Decatur. I tried to eat healthy, but next time I go, I'm definitely ordering fries.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Something Different

I was recently browsing for deals at my favorite boutique, Mint by Sandpiper, when I came across this sweet long-sleeved dress. I loved the color, but wasn't sure about the silhouette (shift) or the size (two).

A shift dress doesn't have much shape to it, so this silhouette doesn't usually look good on me. The dress was also only available in a size two, a size smaller than I usually wear, so I didn't think it would even fit me.

Then I saw the price.

The store was getting rid of a lot of old inventory, so the dress was CHEAP. After hearing just how much the dress would cost, I decided to take a chance and try it on. I'm so glad I did, because the dress actually fit me!

Outfit Details

DressShoshanna Ruffled Hem Studded Melina Dress

Original Price: $360

Price I Paid: $30

If you're getting a deal as good as this one, it never hurts to take a risk, whether on a size, style, etc. Things look so different on a person versus a hanger, too.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Max 120 Multicolor Suede & Metallic Leather Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals

I also love an opportunity to wear these fun Jimmy Choose. I always get so many compliments on them.

Monday, January 29, 2018

One Bare Shoulder

I'll be honest: Until recently, I had never considered wearing a one-shoulder dress to work.

But few months back, while watching Jane the Virgin, I noticed that Petra wore one-shoulder dresses on a regular basis, and they didn't look that out of place in an office setting. Granted, she's a fictional character who is supposedly running a hotel in Miami, but I'll take my justification where I can get it.

Even with my "Petra clause," though, I really debated whether or not today's dress was work worthy. But there is not too much skin showing, and the total look is quite professional. I even played up the fun factor with my triangle dangle earrings, a present from my sister, Gail, a few years back. Most of the time, with my hair falling in front, you probably couldn't even tell I had one bare shoulder.

So, what do you think? Would you wear a one-shoulder dress to work?

I actually got a lot of compliments on this dress when I wore it to the office today -- from people who normally don't pay my clothes much attention. I also got a "Michele's got guns" comment from someone, which I don't think I've ever heard before (from anyone other than my husband).

Today's Outfit Details

Dress: Black Halo Beckham One Shoulder Floral Dress

The dress is mostly sold out online, but it's still available at Amazon (and on sale, too).

Shoes: Sophia Webster Boss Lady Pointy Toe Pumps