Friday, October 31, 2014

Working on Halloween

Although in the past I have often dressed up for Halloween, as my career has advanced, I have been forced to treat Halloween like any other day. I can at least wear black for the occasion, though, and you can be sure I will be greeting our neighborhood trick-or-treaters in costume tonight (stay tuned).

Dress: Cynthia Steffe Black Peplum Dress

I have many, many little black dresses, but this Cynthia Steffe dress is one of my favorites. It's very flattering all around. I especially love the square neckline, which is very attractive in a more subtle way.

My husband has been traveling all week, so our little pug mix, Norman, has been very restless, especially the last two nights. I have dark circles to match the dress, I guess.

Shoes: Kate Spade New York

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I've Never Seen Purple Underwear Before, Calvin

Today's dress, being purple and from Calvin Klein, reminded me of a certain scene from my favorite movie of all time, Back to the Future. I am super stressed at work this week, so thinking of that movie makes me smile.

In other news, I am re-reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, since Part I comes out in theaters in just a few weeks. I already bought tickets for the opening weekend. Go Team Peeta!

Dress: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Themed Outfit

Halloween is just days away, so I decided today I would break out this orange and black dress from Shoshanna.

Dress: Shoshanna Colorblock Sheath Dress

Shoes: Kate Spade New York Pumps in Black and Rose Gold

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rising Sun

I needed to get to work early today, so I took today's post before the sun had fully risen. It makes for a beautiful photo, though! You can see the pink sky in the background.

Dress: French Connection

Unfortunately, no matter what I do, this dress wrinkles. Oh well! Here's a very similar French Connection sheath dress, available in navy and a few other colors. Remember that French Connection runs small, so size up.

Wedges: L.A.M.B.

Eyes: NARS Dogon Eye Shadow Duo Palette

Friday, October 24, 2014


This dress always makes me think of a checkerboard, especially since I usually pair it with red accessories. I always enjoyed playing checkers as a child. My sisters and I had a two-sided game growing up: one side with the typical checkerboard, and the other with Chinese checkers. For some reason, we never learned to play the Chinese checker side... I have no idea why! I still don't know how to play to this day.

Checkers also makes me think of a certain scene from Overboard, one of my favorite movies ever. It is such a quotable movie. "Eat your checkers!" Check out the clip below.

Dress: Shoshanna

Shoes: Kate Spade New York

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Neon Lines

Lines can be so important on a dress or any other item of clothing simply because they can play tricks with your eyes. Horizontal stripes can make you look wider, while vertical stripes have a more slimming effect.

I love the strategically placed neon lines on this Shoshanna tweed dress, which is cozy and warm (as my dresses go) on this chilly Atlanta day. You will rarely see me in pants, even if it's freezing out. During the winter, I just add tights!

Dress: Shoshanna  Ayala Neon Piped Tweed Sheath Dress

Shoes: Kate Spade New York Licorice Pumps in Black and Gold