Monday, December 18, 2023

Christmas Concert Dress

Saturday night I attended the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra Christmas Pops concert with my Mom and Dad. It's been a tradition in my family to attend the event for the last few years (minus 2020 and 2021). Although we originally started going to see my Dad sing in the choir, now it's an annual event to help us get into the holiday spirit. (My dad retired from the choir and singing several years ago.)

I chose this AMUR dress for its pink and green (holiday-esque) color scheme and gorgeous silhouette. I'm just so in love with it, and the Nalebe mules are a perfect match to the green in the floral pattern.

Outfit Details:

Dress: AMUR Grady Pleated Dress

Shoes: Nalebe Aurum Satin Mules in Mint Green

I wanted to wear something a little different than the traditional red or green!