Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Heat Wave

It's so hot and humid out, the air seems to have a yellow haze to it. I'll be glad when this heat wave subsides! We at least had some rain last night here in Atlanta, though the storm woke both me and Chapin up around 1 a.m. -- so that's why I look so tired today!

Outfit Details

My dress choices lately have been very "constricting," so today I wanted to wear something that was a bit lighter and more free flowing. This Jill Jill Stuart dress, my first from this brand, is not only airy, but has such a cute floral pattern. It will really work in a lot of seasons, and the tie waist and flutter sleeves make it extra flattering.

Dress: Jill Jill Stuart Navy Floral Dress

Find it at Bloomingdale'sNeiman Marcus and Zappos.

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Buckingham Satin Ankle-Tie Sandals (no longer available)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hi Ho, Silver

I'm starting out this incredibly hot and humid week in a black and silver dress by Likely. I bought the dress months and months ago on It's super chic and flattering, with a design that easily shows off the arms and back.

Outfit Details

Dress: Likely Black and Silver Fit and Flare Dress (no longer available)

Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available, but I've been loving the designs from the Likely brand over the last few seasons, which you can find on the company's website as well as retailers like Saks. Likely is relatively lower priced (compared to other leading brands), so sometimes the quality is lacking and the sizing is a little off. I usually size up if a dress is more form fitting, for example.

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Taylor Closed Toe T-Strap Pumps

Weekend Update

Chapin and I had a great weekend, seeing friends and buying new kitchen furniture. I also ran in a 5K and took third place in my age group. It was so hot, I couldn't believe I did at all well.  I really have to slow my speed to last in the heat and humidity. I think I will wait a few months to do any other runs outside...

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Made for Miami

Summer is definitely a good time to experiment with fashion. Today's dress seems made for a professional office setting in Miami, but I live in Atlanta, so the loud colors and body-con design are a little out of place.

But the dress is so colorful and flattering to your curves... it's ideal for a hot summer day, and it is certainly hot today!

Outfit Details

Dress: Ted Baker London Jordja Fantasia Panel Body-Con Dress

Find the dress at Amazon, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Lang Sandals in Flame

As Seen on TV!
Petra recently wore the dress on Jane the Virgin!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Linda Hamilton Arms

Aside from being one of the best science fiction movies of the last few decades, Terminator 2: Judgment Day is also known for the ripped shape of its female protagonist. "Linda Hamilton arms" became something to aspire to in my own workouts, though even now, I feel I don't quite measure up... but I'm 'working' on it!

The halter style of today's outfit is really ideal for showing off toned arms. And while today's outfit feels a little too dressy for the office, I just love all the ruffles and flounce, so of course I had to wear it. Wearing something fun, something you love, makes the day that much brighter! Is it Monday, after all!

Outfit Details

DressBCBGMaxAzria Halter Polka Dot Black and White Ruffle Dress

Find the dress at Bloomingdale'sLord & Taylor and Amazon. I'm wearing a size four, but I really should have sized down to a 2; the dress is big on me, especially at the top.

There is also a gown version available on if you need a truly formal dress for a special occasion. It has a v-neck (rather than the halter style) and the ruffles reach all the way down to your toes. It's truly spectacular! (I just wish I had more cause to wear these types of formal dresses.)

Shoes: Sophia Webster Mika Polka Dot Leather Pumps (no longer available)

Chapin and I had a great weekend, spending a lot of time together eating and just hanging out. We went out to a new restaurant, Aziza, on Saturday night, and had a Pizza & Pedicures Day in Inman Park on Sunday. We do love our food.

The gluten-free pizza at FRITTI in Atlanta is the best ever!

Chapin loves his pizza!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Light

Shoshanna has released the perfect summer dress: denim, with multi-colored buttons adorning the front, it's too cute NOT to wear, and perfect for a busy Friday at the office.

Unfortunately, being in my usual morning rush, I neglected to realize the dress needed to be ironed. Oh well!

Outfit Details

Dress: Shoshanna Olevia Denim Midi Dress

(You can also find it here!)

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Khan Clear Strap Sandals in Gold

This clear style is sold out, but you can still buy them in suede. They are super comfortable, with a blocky heel that makes them easy to walk in.

As it's Friday, I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my husband and our three fur-kids. We are loving every minute we spend with Norman, Wally and Tulip. We just started the new season of Big Little Lies, so I imagine we'll be doing some binging this weekend, along with dinner a new restaurant that just opened near us: Aziza! I love trying new places to eat, so I'm excited.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 25, 2019


This dress makes a statement: that the woman wearing it is bold and confident! I'm not sure if that truly describes me... but I'm trying to live up to it!

Dress: Alice + Olivia Judy Ruched Polka Dot Dress

The polka dot version is sold out, but Alice + Olivia just released the same dress in a beautiful red.

Shoes: Alexandre Birman Shadow Sandals

I chose these shoes purposefully to juxtapose two contrasting patterns: stripes and dots. I like how the two patterns work together, and that the shoe choice is a little unexpected.

Work has been super busy this week, and I can't believe it's already Thursday (and almost the end of the month). With Tulip joining our family, we've been trying to keep our days low-key, but here are some highlights from recent weeks:

  • Projects: Chapin is in the midst of building Tulip a ramp so she can get on and off the couch with ease. She can't jump up or down due to her knees, and if you happen to get up -- even if it's just to go to the bathroom or get a drink from the fridge -- she will bark and bark. She doesn't like to be left behind! We're still teaching her how to use it, but hopefully she will get the hang of it soon.
  • TV: I'm re-watching the entire Veronica Mars series before diving into the new episodes that just hit Hulu. I'm behind on a lot of new shows right now as a result, including Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale.
  • Food: Chapin and I just recently started getting meals from Green Chef, which offers a gluten-free plan. I haven't been excited about every meal, but they have all been tasty, and it gives Chapin a nice break from meal planning/ grocery buying.
  • Baking: Super easy recipe alert! I recently made these Butterscotch Cocoa Brownies for my dad's birthday, and they were a big hit. The sweetness of the butterscotch chips plays nicely with the dark chocolate cocoa for a satisfying treat. The only change I made to the recipe was using butterscotch extract instead of vanilla extract to bolster the butterscotch flavor.
Have you been shopping? My favorite shopping month of the year is coming to a close, but I'd love to hear about all the amazing deals you scored. Let me know what's new to your closet in the comments.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Fit and Flare Sundress

Today's eyelet dress is perfect for those spring and summer months when you want to wear something light, breezy and pastel pretty!

Outfit Details

Dress: Shoshanna Mollina Fit and Flare Eyelet Dress

I had my eye on this dress for months before it finally went on sale! I think it's so beautiful. I love the eyelet material, blue color and overall pattern.

My only complaint: It's a bit tight in the bust. If you have a larger chest, think about going up a size.

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Queen Sandals