Thursday, September 30, 2010

True Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors, if not my very favorite color, so it's not really surprising that I own quite a few blue dresses. The dress today, from Cynthia Steffe, is a navy blue and black combo. With such a dark dress, I really debated my shoe choice. I could easily have worn any pair of black shoes, but I felt that would just be TOO dark, so I decided on my light gray L.A.M.B. Women's Quiana T-Strap Platform Sandals. In my head I could hear Michael Kors disparaging me for my "poor styling choices," but I decided to take a risk. Did it pay off? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Perfect Symmetry

I know I'm behind on all my blog posts, so I want to apologize. Tuesday I was not in the office, so here is my Wednesday outfit:

- Nanette Lepore Stella Dallas Black Multi Dress

- Purple Studio Pollini Platform Sandals

I like this dress because it is like a work of art. I have always loved pointillism (painting with dots), and one of my favorite paintings is Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. It was very exciting for me when Chapin and I saw the real thing at The Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. (We were there for Gail and Rich's wedding shower.) You may also remember Ferris and Cameron viewing this painting in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The dress also reminds me of the poster for The Truman Show, which hung in my dorm room in college.

The dress looks very different up close than it does from farther away.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Although Saturday was beautiful (and hot) here in Atlanta, Sunday and Monday have been dreary and rainy - hence the title of today's blog and one of my favorite songs from The Carpenters.

With the temperatures more on par for this time of year, I decided to pull out one of my favorite Fall dresses: this BCBGMaxAzria color block dress. I am a fan of color block dresses in general, and I love that this one incorporates so many beautiful Fall colors.

I paired the dress with my black Stuart Weitzman peep toes and a chunky black necklace I received for Christmas a few years ago.

Even though it's off to a drizzly start, I think this will be a great week. Happy Monday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Will Remember You

Today marks eight months that we lost our Izzie. She was known in our household by a myriad of different names... Izzie Bear, Izzie Girl and Nini, among others. It's amazing to me how much I can still miss her after all this time. She was a part of our lives for just a short time, but she made such an impact on our hearts. We will never forget her.

As Halloween approaches, one of our most favorite holidays, I ask that you think of Izzie and all the light she brought to our lives. I know I will see her again one day, just like she was before she got sick.

Here is a picture of her from December 2007. You can see what a little butterball she was back then! Thanks for the pic, Laurin.

Working for the Weekend

It's finally Friday, and with no client meetings today, I can actually dress down a bit! It's too hot for jeans, so here I am in a lightweight, salmon colored sundress from Juicy Couture. This dress is another one in my wardrobe that has also been seen on a celebrity, and in this case, it's Jennifer Garner.

I paired the dress with my Stuart Weitzman Women's Conchita Wedge Sandals and camel BCBGMaxAzria over-sized purse.

As for jewelry, I m wearing my sapphire/ diamond earrings and sapphire/ diamond flower-shaped pendant. I think the blue and salmon colors complement each other beautifully.

Later today, the Meta Media, Inc. team will be celebrating our recent success with a team building outing to a nearby bowling alley. I have not bowled for real in quite a while - just on the Wii - but it's always so much fun. I am looking forward to this afternoon, and, of course, spending the weekend with Chapin and George. We have plans to walk over to the Midtown Arts Festival at some point tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too hot to enjoy all the festivities.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Staring at the Sun

Although it is now officially Fall, the weather outside seems to disagree. Atlanta has been experiencing temperatures lately that indicate it is still, in fact, Summer. Today it will be in the low 90s. Hopefully relief will be coming soon!

Since the sunshine is here to stay, I am wearing a dress that has a sunshine-y personality all its own: the Leifsdottir Elysian Silk Dress. This dress is so colorful, and since I was not in a great mood this morning, I decided it would be good for me to wear it to help brighten my day. (See, George decided to wake me up before my alarm this morning, and I was so sleepy getting ready to workout that I almost curled up into a ball on the bath mat to go back to sleep. Seriously!)

I paired the dress with my gold BCBGMaxAzria Idil Heel Sandals and camel brown BCBGMaxAzria purse.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am Superman...

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but all the titles of Grey's Anatomy episodes are also song titles. After yesterday's post, I thought I might try that myself for awhile and see how long I can go. I chose today's title because (a) I heard this REM song on the way to work, and (b) I am sort of dressed in the patriotic colors that Superman favors. I know it's a leap, but... just go with it.

Today I'm in a BCBGMaxAzria mult-colored dress of blue, red, brown and white. I paired the dress with my red Stuart Weitzman flats and red Nine West purse.

I also thought I would try something different, since I'm sure you are sick of seeing me in the same two poses all the time. So I got a chair for George to sit on so he could be next to me. This is the only picture out of the ten I took this morning where George is somewhat looking at the camera. I've also included another shot of just me that is nicely centered (that's for you, Chapin).

I know it's weird, but I really like this outfit because I have at least three pairs of shoes that go perfectly with it. Today I choose flats because my feet are still hurting after yesterday's heels.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Blue, Da Ba Dee...

Today I'm wearing the Cynthia Steffe Shannon Ponte Dress in Aqua that I just love. I know I must say that about every dress, but I think this dress is really at the very top of my list.  I adore this dress for a number of reasons: the flattering cut of the dress combined with the zipper details and eye-catching color. Unfortunately, I could not find this dress available for purchase online, since I bought it awhile ago.

I paired the dress with my L.A.M.B. Women's Darek Cross Stitch Sandals. I have never worn this dress with these sandals before, so I hope they look okay together. I love these shoes, though I will admit... they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world.

I know this dress has a summery feel, but it was 96 degrees in Atlanta today, so frankly, it still feels like summer. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, but it sure doesn't feel like Fall is anywhere in sight...

I know there are people out there reading this blog, so leave a comment once in a while. I love to know I'm not just writing this thing for Chapin and my family. I hope to hear from you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Suiting Up

I know you were waiting for the day when you would see me in pants, and here it is... I have an important day, so that requires an important looking outfit: the suit. I bought this suit at Express several years ago during my first semester of grad school, when I realized I would need to look very professional for in-class presentations. Plus, a good suit is a good investment. I now have three suits, but this one is my favorite.

 In addition to the Express suit, I am also wearing a v-neck black sleeveless blouse from BCBGMaxAzria. I found this shirt on a trip to the outlet malls with my mom and sisters. It was a great buy! I love getting a deal.

I'm also wearing Oh Deer... black patent shoes. I need to wear a big heel with these long pants, but since I may be on my feet a lot, I wanted a comfortable shoe. Oh Deer... fits the bill!

I am not wearing too much jewelry today, either: just my rings and diamond studs. I am off to start my day. I hope you have a Happy Monday!

Sunday Night Dinner at Kyma

Chapin and I didn't get to spend too much time together this weekend, what with me working and he going off to Auburn to see the game, so we decided to go out for a romantic dinner on Sunday night. I let Chapin choose the place, and he chose Kyma. After Italian food, Chapin's favorite type of food is Greek.

We had a wonderful dinner, one of those lingering dinners that lasts two hours. It was nice to reconnect, because I think both of us have been stressed lately! We also saw a famous person at the next table over from us: Falcons Tight End Tony Gonzalez. Of course, I was hoping to spot Jennifer Aniston, who is filming a movie in town, but I guess one famous person will do.

If you are interested in what I'm wearing, here goes:

-Black Halter Dress by BCBGMaxAzria
-Dark gold strappy sandals by Jimmy Choo
-Gold and silver clutch by BCBGMaxAzria

Chapin is also wearing a BCBG dress shirt and Hugo Boss dress pants.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Head to Toe BCBGMaxAzria

My dress, shoes and bag on this beautiful Friday are all by one designer: BCBGMaxAzria. To be honest, I haven't worn this dress in a while, and it took me 10 minutes of digging through my closet and removing every piece until I finally found it.

But it was worth it!

I forgot how much I liked this dress! Kim Kardashian also has this dress, and I always think it's cool when I know I have the same outfit as a (pseudo) celebrity.

I paired the dress with a pair of dark brown BCBGMazAzria wedges that have some gold detail on the side. Hopefully you can see this detail in the picture on the right. I always get a lot of compliments on these shoes, and since they are wedges, they are pretty comfortable to wear.

I am also using my camel BCBGMaxAzria bag that is so big I can stick a bottle of Coke Zero in its depths and it makes no difference. That's actually what I did on the way to work today.

I know I look tired in this picture, and there's a good reason: this week has been one of my craziest yet. I am looking forward to sleeping a great deal this weekend. Have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BCBGMaxAzria Khaki Dress on a Crazy, Cupcake Day

As you can see from the fact that I am just now posting my update at 10 p.m., today has been a crazy day. I went from meeting to meeting to meeting, but did manage to pick up some Cami Cakes for a colleague's birthday. They are the best cupcakes I've had so far in Atlanta, and believe me, I've tried a lot of different places.

Anyway, the outfit today is fairly simple:

- BCBGMaxAzria Khaki Belted Dress
- Modern Vintage Eligia T-Strap Pumps

The dress is lined and fairly comfortable. The gold button accents and cute belt are nice details. I love this dress, but I do have one issue with it after wearing it during my crazy day: it wrinkles incredibly easily.

I went light on the jewelry for this outfit: just my rings and diamond studs.

After looking at the picture, I also think I probably could have chosen some better shoes for this outfit, but I guess it's too late now... 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Cynthia Steffe for Day 21

Today is Day 21 of the Fashion Challenge, and I'm still going strong! To mark the occasion, I am wearing a color I adore: a sort of purple-pink. Although I just wore a Cynthia Steffe yesterday, here I am in another one of her designs. This time it's the Cynthia Steffe Lorna Belted Dress. I needed a professional dress, and since I will be running around all day from meeting to meeting, I wanted something comfortable, too.

I paired the dress with my gold BCBGMaxAzria Idil Heel Sandals and Charles David blue patent purse. I like how the blue plays off the dress color.

You might also notice I'm wearing a watch! It's actually a watch bracelet I got from Stacey and Daniel for my birthday back in 2009.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday. I will be crazed today, but am looking forward to seeing some friends for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cynthia Steffe Sexy Back Dress

Today, I thought I would try something different and show you both the front AND back of my outfit: a red/orange dress from one of my favorite designers, Cynthia Steffe.

I love the Cynthia Steffe Kayla Racerback Dress for several reasons:
  • The cut of the dress really accentuates the curves of a woman's body.
  • The black detailing helps break up the bold color and draws the eye away from the hips.
  • The back is very sexy... I love showing some back and shoulders.

The shoes today are from Nine West -- the Nine West Cawley Platform Pumps -- a birthday gift from my wonderful sister-in-law in New Orleans. I think these shoes go perfectly with this dress! I like Nine West because the shoes are chic yet priced very reasonably. I know the heels on today's shoes look high, but they are actually pretty comfortable... or maybe I am just really used to walking in heels now. Most days I wear flats my back hurts. That can't be good...

Anyway, I also thought I would mention something about my lipstick today. I don't have any orange or yellow in my closet, so therefore I don't have a lot of lip colors that are in that "burnt" color group; however, today I found Teaberry Shimmer from Elizabeth Arden in my collection of lipsticks. This lipstick was probably a free gift item, but it worked for me today. The color is slightly orange, so I think it complements the dress well.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ella Moss in Red and Gray

Many who know me know I have a recent obsession with the colors red and gray. I don't know why I didn't realize how much I liked this color combination years ago, but it's a new trend you may have noticed in my wardrobe.

Of course, when I find a dress that combines red and gray, I usually have to snap it up. Today I'm wearing the Ella Moss Shareen dress that is red on top and dark gray on the bottom. I like the empire waistline, and the Ella Moss jersey dresses are always extremely comfortable. I could not find this exact dress online, but the Ella Moss Shareen dress is available in a different color combination on eBay.

I am also wearing my Oh... Deer Red Patent Murray Platform Wedges that I would buy in every color if I could. I just love them. I bought them last year, so they're hard to find online now, but and some other online retailers still have them. They are comfortable and look great, too. (These wedges are tall, but surprisingly, not hard to walk in.)

I'm very comfortable today because Mondays are usually my busiest day of the week at work. There is just so much to do. Don't forget that Meta Media, Inc. is hiring, so contact me if you want to apply for one of our open positions in Marketing, IT or Design. You can see our website at

I also wanted to mention that I'm wearing the jewelry that George and Izzie got me for Christmas. Although I know it was Chapin and not my little pugs who went into the store to purchase the diamond and ruby earrings and necklace, under the tree this year, they were labeled as gifts from my son and daughter. Since Izzie is no longer with us, I feel closer to her somehow when I wear the item (the necklace) she "gave" me. I know it's cheesy, but it's how I feel...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept 10, 2010

I am exhausted today, but at least it's Friday! Today I'm wearing the Frock by Tracy Reese "Toni" dress with my Stuart Weitzman Bamada pumps.

I love this dress because of the bright, bold color -- the color is actually called "new bright sky" -- and the side pockets are a nice detail. The black zipper running down the front adds that "something extra." The dress is lined, so it fits comfortably and goes on easily.

I paired the outfit with my black Betsey Johnson satchel, even though it is falling apart after just two years. I love Betsey Johnson bags, but they are not well made, and if you use them everyday, they won't last long. I don't use this purse much anymore if I can help it.

I don't usually wear much jewelry, and today is no exception. I am just wearing my rings and diamond stud earrings. If I like the dress and it has enough detail like this one does, I will usually go light on the jewelry.

Even though I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night, I'm still incredibly tired. I recorded Project Runway, so don't tell me what happened! Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 8, 2010

Today I am wearing one of my favorite dresses from a designer I love: Marc by Marc Jacobs. (I wish I could afford just "Marc Jacobs," but it's just way out of my price range.) I like this dress because I don't have anything else like it in my closet(s). The pattern is eye-catching, and the multi-colored hues of blue, gray, pink and black compliment my eyes and skin tone pretty well. I get random compliments on this dress. Just today I was complimented just standing waiting for the elevator in my building as I went outside to walk George.

I paired the dress with my Moschino Cheap and Chic light pink sandals. I don't wear these sandals very often because I don't have too much to go with them! I could not find the exact pair online, but here is a similar pair on Amazon. I actually would love to get these sandals, too, because they go perfectly with another Marc by Marc Jacobs dress I have... but I digress!

Anyway, in addition to the shoes, I am using my Charles David blue patent purse that I think really compliments the dress. That's why I decided to feature it in today's photo. I am also wearing gray eye shadow and relatively nude lips to bring attention to my eyes. Both eye shadow and lipstick are by NARS.

I seem to be rambling a bit today, because I am very tired. Hopefully my coffee will wake me up soon! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

70s Chic on Sept. 7th

It's back to the grind after a wonderful long weekend with Chapin and George. Although I did manage to get some work done on Sunday and Monday, I tried to relax and re-energize during my three days off.

Today, I'm wearing a sort of 70s throwback outfit.

-Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Wrap Dress with small heart design

-Black Betsey Johnson satchel

-Silver dangle earrings

I don't wear this dress often because, frankly, I don't think it looks very good on me. But I am determined to wear everything in my closet for the Fashion Challenge, and it's supposed to be in the 90s today, so I figured I better wear this sleeveless dress while I can.

I paired the dress with my flat Frye sandals. Frye is a great brand if you want comfortable shoes that look great, too. Oh Deer is another good brand that manages to fuse comfort and style.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept 3, 2010

It's finally Friday and Day 15 of the Fashion Challenge. Today I am dressed a little more casually in a mock one-piece dress and black sandals. Here are the details:

DRESS: Laundry by Shelli Segal Black Ruffle Trim Belted Combo Dress

I like this dress because it is comfortable and looks great, too. The top is black with some ruffle detailing, and the bottom is a full skirt of multi-colored flowers. It looks great with my blue Charles David purse and flower sapphire-diamond necklace Chapin gave me for our first wedding anniversary.

The dress also has a detailed flower belt that I think is so cute. You can buy the dress now at

SHOES: Stuart Weitzman Bamada Sandal Pumps in Black

One thing I will say about Stuart Weitzman... The shoes are beautiful and chic, but they are not well made. I feel every step in these shoes, especially on the balls of my feet. I have a few pairs of Stuart Weitzman shoes, but I always buy them on sale.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is one of the best weekends to shop online. I wanted to share some great coupon codes available online at my favorites stores:

Store:     Bloomingdale's
Promo:   Extra 20% Off in the Big Brown Sale
Code:     BIG20
Expires:  9/6/10 at midnight

Promo:   Extra 30% Off All Markdowns
Code:     No Code Needed
Expires:  9/7/10 at midnight

Store:     Diane von Furstenberg Online Store
Promo:   Extra 20% Off All Markdowns
Code:     SUMMER2010
Expires:  9/6/10 at midnight

Store:     Betsey Johnson Online Store
Promo:   Extra 40% Off All Markdowns
Code:     LABOR10
Expires:  9/6/10 at midnight

Promo:   Extra 25% Off All Sale Items
Code:     No Code Needed
Expires:  9/13/10 at midnight

Promo:   25% Off Orders $300 or More
Code:     LABORDAY10
Expires:  9/6/10 at midnight

Promo:   Free Shipping on All Products
Code:     LABORDAY10
Expires:  9/7/10 at midnight

I will update this post as more sale announcements start coming in, so check back for updates!

9-02-10 Day!

Today is September 2, 2010, or 9-02-10. As someone who grew up watching Brenda, Dylan, Brandon, Andrea, Kelly, Steve and the whole (original) 90210 clan, I can't help smiling at the date. Hopefully that means it will be a good day. George is getting his teeth cleaned at the vet, so I will be a nervous wreck until Dr. Woods calls to tell me he's recovering. I have been very nervous about vets every since our experiences with Izzie.

Anyway, here is my 9-02-10 outfit:

-Grey/ cream Cynthia Steffe dress with front and pocket zippers and a tie in front.

-L.A.M.B Veena heeled sandals

In case you had not noticed, I am in love with these L.A.M.B sandals. I think they are so beautiful! They are not Fall/Winter shoes, so I'm trying to get as much use out of them right now as I can! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept 1, 2010

Today is already Day 13 of the Fashion Challenge, and here I am in another shirt dress. It was the first thing I pulled out to wear today, and I had an early conference call, so I decided not to debate it too much.

I like this dress because it makes me think of my mom. A few years ago, I was in Macy's shopping on my lunch hour. I saw this dress and fell in love, but they didn't have my size. I told my mom about it and she immediately went out to her Macy's and found the dress for me. She said it was very me and I had to have it. That's one of the reasons I love her so much. The other reasons are just because she probably has the kindest heart of anyone I've ever known, and she is such a wonderful, generous person.

Here are the details on today's dress:
-Black and white I.N.C. shirt dress with ruffle detail in front, pockets, and a belt that ties in the back.

-Black Frye Lena Leaf Platform Sandals

-Black Hype purse I've had for years and decided to randomly pull out today. I don't think I've used this purse in about three years. Oh well.

-I'm also wearing red lipstick from M.A.C. After seeing Inglourious Basterds, I found out the shade of lipstick that Diane Kruger wore in film: Russian Red. It's a very bold shade and I love it.