Thursday, March 31, 2011


I guess I couldn't go a whole week without wearing dress! I was planning to wear pants today until I started looking through one section of my closet and discovered this dress. I knew I hadn't yet worn it for the Fashion Challenge, because I hadn't yet worn it at all. I bought this dress over a year ago, and for some reason never ended up wearing it. Maybe it was the puffed sleeves. They definitely make a statement.

ABS Dress for Fashion Challenge Day 145
I could not find the dress online, but here is a similar style from the same designer: ABS by Allen Schwartz. Although I try never to wear all black, the jeweled belt helps break up the black color a bit. I also had to wear my BCBGMaxAzria Michelle Jelly Wedge Flats, since they are jeweled as well.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend for two reasons: (1) so I can rest and (2) so we can be finished with this dreary weather. It's been cold, rainy and overcast everyday, and it's starting to get to me. I'm also swamped at work, and after finishing a full day at the office, I usually spend at least two hours in the evenings working from home. I am hoping to take a break tonight, but we shall see... If there's a deadline looming, there's not much I can do.

I also tried something different today with my makeup, and I wanted to see if my readers noticed any difference. Although usually I use Pur Minerals 4-in-1 foundation (SPF 15), today I tried a free sample of Miracle Skin Transformer (SPF 20) I got with my last order. It went on so smoothly, and I am thinking of buying it to use long-term. It's very hard for me to find foundations that work for me because I have light skin but very olive undertones. Most foundations either look too tan or too light on me. I've been using Pur Minerals foundation for over four years now -- I managed their marketing at one time in my career -- but I have been wanting to try something new. Perhaps I've found it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unchained Melody

It's another rainy day in Atlanta, and here I am in another pair of pants. Today I have on a top from INC International Concepts and Elie Tahari black pants. I've had both pieces for several years, but it's been awhile since I've worn them.

I remember getting the pants at a Bloomingdale's after Christmas sale. I like my other Tahari pants so much I was hoping I would love these just as much. While they are great pants, they do hug everything a little too tightly for my liking. And there is no way you can get away with wearing Spanx beneath pants this tight if you are worried about showcasing every bulge. Believe me... I tried!

I have another series of meetings today, so I hope this outfit is professional enough for my clients.

Since it's so rainy today, I thought I would take this moment to share a haircare tip I learned about five years ago. If you have fly-aways, or it's a particularly humid day, try this trick. All you need is some hairspray.

Haircare Tip of the Day:

Spray some hairspray into one hand, rub both hands together, then lightly touch them to your hair. This trick helps keep the fly-aways down and gives your hair an overall smoother look. It also works better than just spraying the hairspray directly onto your head!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If You Steal My Sunshine

Fashion Challenge: Day 143
I have an important meeting today, so yes, I'm in a suit for the second day in a row. I bought this black Anne Klein suit back in 2008 at Macy's, when I realized I needed another suit for grad school. I took this suit on my grad school trip to Europe in May 2008, shortly after I turned 30, but I don't think I have worn it too many times since then. There are actually two reasons for the fact that there was dust on the shoulders of this blazer this morning:

1. The suit is a petite set, so the length of the pants actually works on me -- without heels! The trouble is, every dress shoe I own has a good heel on it. Now I have these fabulous Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats, so I can wear the right shoes. I think I may have worn my ugly, I-walk-the-dog-in-these-shoes Sketchers a few times with this outfit. Hopefully I am remembering incorrectly.

The only reason I actually have these Tory Burch flats is my sister-in-law, Stacey. She wanted them for Christmas, but they didn't end up fitting. I ordered her a new pair, and decided to keep the ones that didn't work on her. (Tory Burch runs small.)  They have actually been a great help to me over the last few months. I have worn them a good deal, and I am so glad I have them. If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a nice pair of flats, I highly recommend them.

2. The second reason is that these pants are a size 2P, and I really didn't think I fit in them anymore. But I tried them on this morning, and they worked. (Chapin assured me that there was no 'camel toe' in sight. Ha ha!) This brand MUST run big. Believe me: I am not a size 2.

Since the week is looking like a chilly one -- I want the sun back! -- I have a feeling I will be wearing all the pants left in my closet. I do have a few lightweight dresses I can also wear, but the temperature is not supposed to reach the 70s until the weekend, so they will have to wait. It's possible the Fashion Challenge could last until the first week of April, but I'm still not sure... Chapin at least wants me to try to reach 150. Can I do it? You'll have to wait and see...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dress You Up

When I started this blog, my mom was not that surprised, because she has been telling me for years that I was obsessed with dresses even from a very young age. She enjoys telling me how, when I was little and in grade school, I absolutely, positively had to wear a dress to school every single day.

Since we lived in Connecticut back then, dresses were not the ideal piece of clothing for a little girl to wear during the cold, snowy winters. Although I of course insisted on wearing a dress, that didn't stop me from complaining that my legs were cold, so my mom would buy me thick tights and snow boots so I could get to school and still keep warm. She said, since she only had a few pairs of tights for me, she would have to wash them over and over so I could wear them again. She must have really loved me to go through all that aggravation.

I love this picture, which I scanned in last night, because I think it perfectly encapsulates that little fashionista-in-training. I'm not sure how old I am here, maybe 5 or 6, but I guess I knew even then how much I loved a closet full of clothes.

Semi-Charmed Life

It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while now, and this weekend, I decided to go for it. Yes, I cut my hair! I cut about seven inches off, which unfortunately was not enough to donate the hair to Locks of Love. (You actually need 10 inches for that!) It definitely feels different, as I haven't had my hair this short since about 1998. I cut it this short for the first time in high school, grew it out, then cut it again during college. Once I met my husband and started working, though, I just kept it long.

As Spring begins, and the weather starts to warm up, I thought what better time to take this step. I'm going to be 33 in a little over a month, and I really wanted to make a big change. Hopefully it wasn't a bad decision.

Today's outfit, a beige suit from Tahari from Arthur S. Levine, is not my favorite suit, but I bought it during grad school when I needed some different suits for presentations during class. The suit jacket is a little big on me; I really need to buy a size 4 pants and a size 0 or 2 top. Seriously. My suit jacket from Express is a size 0, and that astounds even me. But this suit came as a set, so I was stuck. Hopefully it doesn't look too big on me.

I'm also wearing BCBGMaxAzria peep-toe jelly Michelle Wedge Flats in black. I love these shoes, but they are really squeaky, and I think the rainy weather is making the noise worse. George was just terrible when I took him out this morning. He hates the rain so much. I eventually had to give in and take his raincoat off just so he would go the bathroom. Talk about stubborn!

I'm thinking this may be the last week for the Fashion Challenge. I need to go through my closet and see what I have left that is suitable to wear to work. I will just have to forfeit those things that I still need to get altered, as I never did make it to my alterations lady. Oh well (sigh). It's been a fun road, but I miss the rest of my wardrobe! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


It's finally Friday, and I am so looking forward to spending a quiet, relaxing weekend with my husband and George. I plan to sleep a great deal, and Chapin and I are going to seriously start talking about what we need to do to our home in order to put it on the market. I have been dreading this next step for quite a while, but we just need more space, and it's time. We've lived in our loft for over eight years now!

Today I'm wearing a dress that is definitely not a favorite. I think it's the color. It's just not flattering on me.

This cargo dress is from one of my favorite designers, Cynthia Steffe, but I just don't love it and can't really remember why I bought it in the first place. The official name of the dress is the Cynthia Steffe Gemeni Cargo Linen Dress. I had to break out the iron this morning because it had gotten so wrinkled, and it is impossible to iron well. Hopefully the wrinkles aren't too noticeable.

I'm also wearing my red patent Stuart Weitzman Low Key Peep-Toe Flats.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fashion Challenge: Day 140
Last night I watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and even though I have seen it several times before, it sucks me in every time. From the costumes to the acting to the myriad of fantastical characters -- including a talking hound -- I am so enamored of the action on screen that I just sit, abandoning my phone and laptop, and watch.

The dress I'm wearing today is also sort of "Alice" in nature, with it's wild, colorful pattern and cut-out shoulders. From BCBGMaxAzria, this Geometric Print Dress also reminds me of my mom, because she bought it for me a few years ago after I mentioned I could not get it online. She is always doing sweet things like that... I love my mom so much!

The dress also made an appearance on one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. Danica McKellar, whom you most likely know as Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, wore it during a guest appearance on the show. The episode was called "The Psychic Vortex," and that really sort of sums up the design of the dress.

I paired the dress with my light blue Stuart Weitzman Rollpump Peep-Toes and black Michele bag. It's a little chilly in Atlanta today, with highs only in the lower 60s, so it's odd to have a jacket with me. I love my Juicy Couture green jacket with the apple buttons, but the buttons are so heavy that they are constantly falling off. I have a little pile I need to bring to my mom to show me how to sew them back on. :)

Wild Horses

Since it's going to be in the 80s today, I wanted to go ahead and wear this JB by Julie Brown dress that I've had for at least three years. Julie Brown (no relation to the actress whom you may remember from MTV and movies like Earth Girls Are Easy and Clueless) is a designer known for her print dresses and wild patterns. You can see a great selection of dresses from the designer on, though I could not find this particular dress online.

This dress is extremely comfortable and soft against my skin, and came with a double black patent belt to cinch in the waist. I love this dress because it is the dress I wore when I met actor James Marsters, whom I love from the Buffy and Angel TV series. I had (and have) the biggest crush on him. I just find him so sexy, and I loved his on-screen chemistry with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, though I'm definitely Team Angel as opposed to Team Spike. (All you Buffy fans will know what I'm talking about!)

I paired the dress with probably my most comfortable pair of flat sandals: my Frye Margot Studded Sandals in Black.

Here's a photo of me wearing the dress when I met James Marsters in 2008. He was in town for DragonCon. Gail and I were so excited to meet him. The other guy in the photo is also actor, but we had no idea who he was! Oops.

Meeting James Marsters

Forever Your Girl

After being gone for nearly a week, my husband finally arrived home today (Tuesday) after a business trip to Florida. It is amazing to think that after almost twelve years together -- we met back in 1999 -- I am still so excited to see him and spend time with him, especially after time apart. I think the longest we have ever been away from each other was the two weeks I spent in Europe on my grad school trip, and I can't express just how much I missed him during that time.

When I went to get ready today, I actually had to sit down and go through all my past posts to make sure I had not worn this dress. I have had this BCBGMaxAzria dress for several years, but it's a great work dress, and I just love the olive color and flattering silhouette.

I could not find the dress online, but here are a few similar picks available now:

I paired the dress with my Betsey Johnson apple necklace and the BCBGirls Mack Platform Sandals in brown that were a gift from my in-laws for my birthday last year. They are actually very comfortable, and have great Velcro closures that make getting them on and off so easy.

She Works Hard for the Money

Work Outfit for Day 137
I am constantly amazed at all the amazing working mothers in my life right now, including Stacey, Katie, Crissy, Erin and Laura G. To quote from a great book and upcoming SJP movie, "I don't know how she does it!" Just having George to take care of -- and myself -- for this week while Chapin was out of town made me realize how much we rely on each other to help out with daily chores, walks, dinners and more.

For example, I could not work late because I had to go home to feed and walk George at the end of the day, when usually I just call Chapin and he makes sure he is home on time. I just wanted to give a shout out to these working moms, who somehow balance motherhood, careers, husbands and more. I am still not sure if I will be able to go down that road, because just writing this blog everyday about the clothes in my closet makes me feel a bit superficial and selfish. Shouldn't I be out there helping others? Volunteering at an animal shelter didn't work, since I would basically come home and cry every time I went and spent time with all the abandoned dogs, so I am going to try to look for a volunteer opportunity that makes me feel fulfilled without the tears. Any suggestions?

Speaking of helping others, the fashion community is pitching in to help Japan recover from the horrendous earthquake and tsunami that has left much of the country in ruin. Here are some of the items you can buy to help this cause:

Tory Burch Japan Relief T-Shirt -- 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt go to the American Red Cross to aid in the Japanese relief effort. The shirt is adorable: white with red hearts and dots, a reference to the Japanese flag.

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers T-Shirt -- Available beginning next week on

Rebecca Minkoff -- If you love her fabulous bags, now is the time to buy a red one. The site is donating $100 to the Red Cross for every red bag sold.

These are just a few ways you can help out and get a little something for yourself, too.

As for my outfit on this beautiful Monday, I am wearing a Laundry by Shelli Segal Two-Fer Dress in Navy and Oatmeal. I paired the dress with my Dolce Vita Apple Suede Clog Pumps in Beige. The shoes match the oatmeal color of the top part of the dress just perfectly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Get Me

Chapin and I are usually inseparable during the weekends, so I tried to stay particularly busy during this last weekend, when Chapin had to be in Florida on business. I spent Saturday and Sunday at my parents' house out in the suburbs, and with my sister, Gail, visiting from Tennessee, there was actually so much going on that I didn't miss him every waking minute.

Saturday I attended several baby-centric events. The first was a baby shower for one of my grad school friends, Sabrina, at a local restaurant called the Duluth Park Cafe. She is having a boy, Cole, due in May... on my birthday! I think that's pretty cool. Here is a picture of the four GSU grad school friends. Sabrina is the pregnant one. :)

Tiffany, Margot, Sabrina and Michele
After the shower, I picked up my sisters and we headed over to Katie and John's house for their daughter, Cadence's, third birthday party. Katie made a beautiful red velvet cake with a cute elephant on top, since Cadence is currently really into elephants. I gave her a Babar book for Christmas, not knowing the mom was killed off early in the story. Can you imagine my horror when Katie told me that Cadence stopped her to ask if the mom was ok? My face must have been so red.

Anyway, you can see more cakes from Katie, a wonderful baker/ marketing guru/ working mom, on her KT Kakes Facebook page.

The dress I wore for both occasions is from designer Nanette Lepore's 2009 Spring collection: the Nanette Lepore Painted Rose silk dress. This dress is particularly special to me because I also wore it to my godson, Finn's, Christening last year. The dress comes with a sparkly silver belt, and I paired it with my Charles David Curvaceous Platform Sandals in Berry and Blue Patent Charles David Sierra Satchel.

Friday, March 18, 2011

How Will I Know?

It's finally Friday, and I am so excited for the weekend to begin so I can catch up on all the sleep I've missed during the week. Although George and I slept very soundly last night, I am still feeling sleepy this morning. I am really looking forward to tomorrow, when I can sleep in and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.

In celebration of Spring, which officially starts this Sunday, I am wearing one of my favorite sundresses: Alice + Olivia's Jordana Floral Vine Print Dress. I bought this dress about two years ago as a treat to myself for my 31st birthday, and I wore it to my sister Laura's bridal shower that year. As you know, I love belted dresses to show off a small waist, and I just thought the print was so beautiful and perfect for Springtime. Usually I'm not a fan of orange with my complexion, but I think the orange combined with the other colors, mainly the greens and blue, work well.

Since this style is not available online, I thought I would mention some other similar Alice + Olivia styles that are new for Spring:

- Alice + Olivia Cabella Silk Floral Print Dress

- Alice + Olivia Belted Floral Print Silk-Satin Dress

- Alice + Olivia Jocelyn Exposed Zipper Tank Dress

I'm also wearing my Jimmy Choo Izzy Slingback Heels. The muddy color actually matches the dress perfectly.

This weekend, in addition to catching up on my sleep, I will be attending a baby shower for my friend Sabrina, who is having a baby boy. I am so excited for her and her husband. I met Sabrina in grad school and I know she will make a great mom. Right after the shower, I am also heading over to a friend's house to celebrate the new arrival of their son, as well as their daughter's 3rd birthday. And since Gail will be in town, my sisters and I have planned a Girls Night Out for Saturday night. It should be a very busy but extremely fun day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Should Be So Lucky

I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day when I was getting dressed this morning, so -- alas -- I'm not wearing anything green for this special holiday. I blame the sleep deprivation! I could not fall asleep last night, and George woke me up several times during the night -- once to throw up -- so I maybe got four hours of uninterrupted sleep. I have one of those headaches that means I need a good nap, but I'll just have to power through the day and go to bed early tonight... if I can!

I also skipped my morning workout to try to get some extra sleep in, so I'm missing my infusion of endorphins. Hopefully I will get a chance to do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD after work. I generally try to get at least some exercise in six days a week. I have to do that so I can be sure to work off all the cupcakes, Girl Scout cookies and other sweets I eat!

Today's outfit is just a simple white shirt and blue and white flowered skirt, both from INC International Concepts. I bought these pieces back in 2008, I think, so I've had them a few years. I usually don't break out my white clothes until we are deeper into Spring, but since I was in a rush to get ready, I didn't really debate the issue too much.

I remember falling in love with this white shirt because it was just so cute and feminine. I love the ruffle detail around the sleeves. It's actually a little big on me, but I remember it was the smallest one I could find at Macy's back then, so I snapped it up. The skirt I remember getting for a very cheap price on clearance. It's funny how you always seem to remember those awesome deals.

Overall, the look isn't too flattering on me, which is why I haven't worn this outfit in over a year. I definitely know what looks good on me -- and that's a dress.

I am also wearing my BCBGMazAzria Gage royal blue patent peep-toe pumps.

I also want to add one thing about the title of today's post: "I Should Be So Lucky." This song from Kylie Minogue is special to me because, back in the late 1980s, my sisters and I had her tape, and my mom would play it over and over for us in the car. My sister, Gail, and I were taking Jazz and Tap classes at the time, and our Jazz teacher used the song in one of our routines. I remember asking her to tell us who sang the song and begging my mom to buy it for us... and she did.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Always on My Mind

As the weather starts to warm, I'm able to open up a little more of my wardrobe for the Fashion Challenge. However, not all my dresses are work appropriate, and I really debated wearing this one today. I at least have a little white sweater I can wear over it while in the office.

The dress in question is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Jacquard Ruched Dress in Navy. The style is at least a year old, so I was only able to find it online at this obscure site. I also found a version of the dress as a top on ebay.

I love the color of this dress, described as "admiral blue." It is really more of a blue-purple -- not exactly navy, but close. If you look closely at the material, you can also see stars and polka dots etched into the material. It's really a very feminine, cute dress.

I paired the dress with my L.A.M.B. Gorgeous Peep-Toe Pumps in Bronze because I like the gold/blue color combination.

Last night was fairly quiet in our household, although I did not manage to go to bed as early as I originally planned. I do feel like I finally got a good night's sleep, so maybe I am starting to get used to the time change after all. It has also been fabulous to have so many hours of daylight left at the end of the day.

I am also starting to look forward to the weekend, when my sister, Gail, will be in town. The three sisters plan to have a girls night on Saturday night, so I can't wait! Too bad it's only Wednesday...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

Day 133: Dress from INC
I'm definitely not used to the time change. It will probably take me a full week before I feel back to normal. Until then, I have to enjoy the extended daylight in the evening hours and just try to go bed as early as I can. I am really feeling sleepy today!

Last night, Chapin, George and I decided to go over to Taco Mac in the Highlands to play trivia and eat dinner. It was such a beautiful day that we wanted to enjoy being outside, and we have always loved playing trivia, even if it's just the two of us. Chapin gets all the history, geography and sports questions, while I get the advertising, TV/movie and pop culture questions. We frequently place in the top three, but alas, last night was not our night. I think we finished in fifth place. The competition was more intense than usual due to the good weather.

Today I'm wearing an INC International Concepts dress that I've had for several years, as well as my BCBGMaxAzria Deivis Java Pumps.

I like the style of this dress because it is a bit old-fashioned, and as you know, I love the dresses from the 1950s. It's definitely a Mad Men-era dress with its flared skirt and fitted waist. Here's one of my favorite movie dresses from that era. Of course, it's Grace Kelly in Rear Window.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Express Yourself

Springing forward always makes the weekend (well, Sunday) pass by in a blur. I slept a good deal yesterday, too, and also spent a good chunk of my evening working on my laptop, so it seemed even shorter than usual. I just needed the sleep! I don't know how new mothers (like my friend, Katie) get through it. I am a wreck and basically can't function when I've had under six hours of sleep.

Overall, though, it was a good weekend. Saturday I had lunch with my mom and sister, Laura, and we did a little shopping as well. On my way home from Perimeter Mall, I stopped at a cupcake place I've been wanting to try called Gigi's Cupcakes. As you know if you read my blog, I am a huge fan of cupcakes, and CamiCakes in Buckhead is currently at the top of my list. But the cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes were good enough to possibly tie for first! Chapin and I split the Wedding Cake cupcake last night, and it was delicious! My sisters and I love wedding cake, so I definitely thought of them when I was eating it. Next time I hope to try the Grasshopper flavor!

As for my outfit today, I'm wearing another dress from the "I'm too lazy to make it in to my alterations lady" pile. This ABS by Allen Schwartz belted dress is a little big up top, but overall is flattering. I love the studded belt and bold hot pink color. Bright dresses are definitely "in" this season.

Belted dresses work great if, like me, you are "Hipcentric," meaning you have a small waist and carry your weight in your upper thighs and hips. I recently discovered this website from Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, and I hope to purchase the workout DVDs soon. (If you have tried them out, I'd love to hear about your experience.) The website describes the many different body types -- in addition to Hipcentric, there is "Omnicentric," "Abcentric" and "Glutecentric" -- and how she tailors the workouts to each one.

I also have on L.A.M.B. Platform D'Orsay Pumps in Black. You will notice I'm not wearing my Michele watch today, and that's because I still haven't set the time ahead. That's on my agenda for this evening after work. Have a great Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time

I'm very excited for the start of Daylight Savings time this weekend. Although I hate to lose an hour of sleep, it's definitely worth it to not have to drive home/ walk George in the dark.

Even with the coming extension of our daylight hours, the world feels very dark today. My thoughts are constantly on the turmoil in the rest of the world: the earthquake in Japan, the resulting tsunami, and the potential threat to other nations as the wave makes its way toward the West Coast. Looking at the destruction already... it is terrifying.

I hate to suddenly start talking about my outfit, but I guess that is the purpose of this blog. Today I decided to dress down, since it's cold out (40 degrees!) and also casual Friday. I'm wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan with Rich & Skinny jeans, and my L.A.M.B. Plum Wedges in Navy.

You may have seen the Marc by Marc Jacobs Karen Dot Sweater on Jennifer Garner in the movie Valentine's Day, and Rachel (Lea Michele) also wore it in episode of Glee. The sweater is cream and red, with cream polka dots and buttons. It's too cute!

I'm also wearing my Rich & Skinny jeans, which I just love. They are so comfortable.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got My Mind Set On You

Today's dress is definitely unique in nature. I purchased it in Hungary when I was there in 2008 with some some of my grad school classmates on a study abroad. We were gone for two weeks: the first week was spent in the Czech Republic (Prague), and the second week in Hungary.

My friend Tiffany and I walked around Budapest and found an outdoor festival on the street with tons of booths set up with artwork, purses, clothing, trinkets and much more. It reminded me of the Dogwood Festival here in Atlanta. Tiffany bought this cool purse with all these zippers on it, and I bought this dress. The label reads "Camou". I love it because I don't think you will find anything like it here in the U.S., and it's insanely comfortable. The cotton is so soft!

Of course, every time I wear this dress, I also think of that trip. What an adventure, though I was very glad to come home. I'm definitely an American. I like space -- lots of space! -- cold drinks with ice and easy Internet connections.

Here's one of my favorite pictures from the trip, taken in Prague the night we went to the opera. Even back then I was a fashionista (wearing Betsey Johnson):

Prague (2008): A Night at the Opera

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If I Rise

Today is kind of miserable in Atlanta, since it started off raining and is supposed to rain all day. I think there is even a Flood Watch for some nearby counties, and at this moment I hear thunder rumbling overheard. At least it is not as cold as it was earlier this week. I am just hoping that Chapin's flight home is not delayed this afternoon.

It's always difficult for us when it rains, because George absolutely hates to go out in any kind of "abnormal" weather. He was not too happy with me this morning when I dressed him in his little blue raincoat, but it's worth it to not have to try to dry a wet pug. Pugs have such thick coats, it takes forever to dry him, and I always have to break out the hairdryer when he has a bath.

When it is so gross out, I usually try to wear something that makes me feel confident and stylish. Today I chose the Milly Ana Deco Print Shift Dress. You can't really tell from the photo, but this print incorporates a very subtle pink that I just love. If it had been warmer, I would have worn my pink sandals! But I opted instead for my BCBGMaxAzria patent bow pumps in black.

As it gets closer to the end of the fashion challenge, I will have to start breaking out things I don't like to wear at all, or simply don't like to wear to work because they are more casual. And writing this blog has made me realize that I need to downsize my wardrobe. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces you have seen on my blog -- most of them have only been worn a handful of times, if that -- please let me know! I'm generally a size four or six.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's hard being someone who is allergic to dog hair, yet lives with an ever shedding pug. Last night, I spent a good amount of time sneezing and dabbing my watery eyes. The time of year just makes everything worse. In just a few weeks, Atlanta will be hit full force with POLLEN. There will be green and yellow gunk everywhere. I remember thinking that there was no way I could get married anytime in March, because Atlanta is in this pollen-fueled phase every year. Maybe with the recent freeze, things will be a little less aggressive this year.

Anyway, enough complaining. Today, if you can excuse the swollen eyes, I am in an INC International Concepts dress I've had for about three years now, so I'm not even going to attempt to try to find it online. INC is an internal brand that is available at Macy's (online and in stores) and Bloomingdale's (select retail stores only). The styles from the INC brand are generally chic and on trend, and the prices (especially when reduced) make them very affordable. I love this INC red sheath dress that is available now for only $79.99.

I didn't feel like wearing heels today, so I paired the dress with my Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats in Black. Now that I have these flats, I see them everywhere, like when Chapin and I went to the movies the other night! This style is extremely popular.

I guess since I worked Sunday, it was hard for me to believe when I woke up this morning that today is only Tuesday. I am looking forward to a visit with my parents tonight, when I can take some time to relax. Hopefully the traffic going out to the suburbs won't be too horrible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't You Remember

Today's dress is one that has been collecting dust in my closet for over a year now. I have never worn it, mainly because I felt like the straps needed to be taken up a bit. Since I can't seem to find time to take a batch of clothes to my alterations lady in Buckhead, I decided to try the dress on this morning just to see if it was wearable... and I decided it would do. Today will be fairly low-key at the office anyway, since I plan to be at my desk most of the day just writing, writing, writing document after document.

This sleeveless necklace two-fer dress, from the brand "Single Dress," is both professional and chic, and I love the two colors (purple and gray) together. I paired it with my gray L.A.M.B. suede Glam Pumps. Since the temperature has been chilly here in Atlanta for the past few days, I have the heater in my office going, and am wearing a sweater to keep my arms and shoulders warm. It was only about 35 degrees out this morning when I walked George.

It's always difficult to come back to work after spending such a cocooned weekend with my husband and pug. Saturday was a fairly relaxed day. I got a facial at a nearby salon, and Chapin picked up takeout for lunch from our favorite Mexican place, Pure Taqueria. This restaurant has the best salsa! Later that evening, we went to a movie. Chapin and I both love sci-fi, and I had been wanting to see The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt since I saw the trailer a few months back. It was worth the wait! Afterward we had frozen yogurt at Menchie's. I had cake batter yogurt with Kit Kat pieces, while Chapin got a chocolate/ vanilla swirl with brownie bites. Yum!

Sunday I didn't leave the loft, mainly because I had to work pretty much all afternoon. Chapin did find time to teach me to make lasagna, though, and it turned out great.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Today I'm wearing another Marc by Marc Jacobs dress: the Light Bright Dotted Knit Dress in Coral. I love this dress for a few reasons: the color (a beautiful coral that borders on tangerine), the style (so cute with the polka dots and buttons) and the overall silhouette (so comfortable).

We can wear jeans in the office on Fridays, but I usually choose to wear a more casual dress. I don't think I've actually worn this dress to the office before, since it is really more suited for a weekend afternoon. But on Fridays, anything goes... well, almost anything.

Since it is a little chillier here in Atlanta today, I decided on closed toe shoes: the L.A.M.B. Plum Suede Wedges in Navy.

Although I will have to work this weekend, I am looking forward to spending Saturday and Sunday with Chapin and George. After last weekend's whirlwind of activity, I am ready for some relaxation.

I have also asked Chapin to show me how to make lasagna, since he is the cook in the family, and I would like to make a meal to bring to my friend, Katie, who just had the baby. I have tried to cook in the past, but I just don't have any instincts when it comes to cooking. I do like baking, though, and can follow a recipe pretty well. But cooking actual food?

Here's a good example: I once tried to make salmon for myself when Chapin was out of town. I decided that, to save calories, I would use soy sauce instead of oil. Yeah, that didn't work, and I ended up having to throw most of that piece of salmon away. What was I thinking? I think the answer is... I wasn't. Today, most of my kitchen duties, outside of baking, usually involve boiling water or turning on the oven to pre-heat. I can't even cut a tomato correctly! Hopefully, after some lessons from my fabulous gourmet husband, I will get a little better.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be My Baby

Back when I started the Fashion Challenge at the end of last summer, there were some dresses I thought I would have to forfeit due to the weather. But since I have made it to March, and the weather continues to be beautiful and Spring-like, I can pull out some of these more lightweight dresses.

Today, for Day 125, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses: the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bluebell Flutter Stripe Dress. This dress has a very 50s silhouette -- the skirt is very flared for a day dress -- and the red, white and blue palette is very appealing to the eye. As someone with blue eyes, I like wearing colors that make my eyes pop a little bit more, and this dress easily accomplishes that task. Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of my very favorite brands. The dresses are always so memorable!

I also love the little puff sleeves and the waist-defining aspect of the dress. If you have a small waist, show it off! I love how uses "waist-defining" as one of its sorting criterion.

I am also wearing BCBGMaxAzria Gage Royal Blue Patent Peep-Toe Pumps that I purchased back in 2009. They have a low heel and are fairly comfortable. I always get a lot of compliments on these shoes.

If I look a little tired today, it's because I didn't sleep that well. I hurt my ankle yesterday and slept with it sort of propped up in bed. George decided that instead of sleeping beside us on the bed, he wanted to sleep ON TOP OF ME. So I had a pug on my stomach/ bladder area and my left leg in the air. It was not that comfortable, and I woke up early this morning badly needing to use the restroom. Thanks a lot, George! :)

In other news, I was very excited to visit my best friend, Katie, and her husband in the hospital last night to see their newborn son for the first time. Isn't he a cutie?

After the visit, Chapin, George and I went to Yeah Burger for a late dinner. We love this place, first of all, because the food is delicious, but second of all because it is a rare dog-friendly restaurant. (Our other options for dining with George include Park Tavern, Taco Mac and O'Terrill's.) We usually sit out on the patio, and the weather was mild enough last night that it was very enjoyable. I am so glad Spring seems to sticking around.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight

Today is the 124th day in the Fashion Challenge. It truly amazes me that I have come this far, and I'm glad I decided not to quit, despite the fact that I miss wearing a few key pieces of my wardrobe. It's not a secret that I love fashion, so it has been fun to write this blog and I will probably keep it up in some form or another after the Fashion Challenge really does end... which I am predicting will be sometime in March.

Today's dress is a belted combo dress from Max & Cleo. This brand is not expensive, and the clothes are always so cute and on trend. The brand offers great dresses for work, as well as more casual weekend dresses. I think I bought this dress for around $50, and if you find Max & Cleo dresses on sale and in your size, you can usually save over 60% off the retail price. I love it when I can find a good bargain like that. Max & Cleo dresses are available online at stores like and Amazon, and in department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, Dillards and many others.

I am also wearing black patent leather BCBGMaxAzria pumps with a bow to complement the top half of the dress. My best friend Katie just had her second child this week, and I know she loves purple, so I am thinking of her today. Chapin and I will probably stop by the hospital after work to meet her newborn son and see how she and her family are doing. I can't wait.

On a final note, if you know me at all, you know I love 80s music and movies. I am loving this new video from the Take Me Home Tonight soundtrack. I see the video, Atomic Tom's remake of the 1980s song "Don't You Want Me," pretty much everyday when I workout, as I like to put on VH1 videos while I read on the elliptical or bike. Note all the references to classic 80s movies like Ghostbusters, Can't Buy Me Love, Dirty Dancing and more. And Topher Grace does a decent Marty McFly. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who Knew

I came very, very close to ending the Fashion Challenge this morning. I could not decide on anything to wear, and I actually miss wearing some of the outfits that have already been used up in the challenge. I even went so far as to get dressed in one of those "used up" dresses... but I felt guilty and changed. I'm determined to try to see this thing through!

Today's dress is one I have actually never worn before. I purchased it last year at H&M, promptly stuck it in my closet -- and forgot about it. (That's easy to do when you have closets like mine, where the clothes are so tightly packed in that you can barely find anything!) I first shopped at H&M in Europe in 2008, and then later a store opened up at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. The prices are great, but I do have one issue with the brand: in the U.S., you can't shop online!

I don't love this dress because it looks a little young for me. Maybe when I purchased it I forgot I was in my 30s! But it's comfortable, cute and screams SPRING, and since today is March 1st, I thought it was a good choice. I know Spring hasn't "officially" started yet, but the great weather we've been having lately makes me think it's already here. I even wore sandals today. I hardly ever get to wear these Moschino Cheap & Chic Sandals in pink, so I wanted to break them out for today's pink dress. I could not find the exact sandals online since they are a few seasons old, but here is a similar pair from the brand. I also love these sandals.

Looking at myself in an all-pink ensemble makes me realize this shade of pink really does not do much for my complexion. I will probably end up giving it to my sister, Gail, who is blond and fabulous and could make this color work.

The silhouette of the dress is actually pretty flattering, accentuating a tiny waist and hitting at the knee at just the right place. The fluttering cap sleeves also slim the arms, while the v-neckline draws the eye to the bosom. I also like how this dress flows-- very easy and effortlessly. Maybe I like it more than I thought!