Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Should Be So Lucky

I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day when I was getting dressed this morning, so -- alas -- I'm not wearing anything green for this special holiday. I blame the sleep deprivation! I could not fall asleep last night, and George woke me up several times during the night -- once to throw up -- so I maybe got four hours of uninterrupted sleep. I have one of those headaches that means I need a good nap, but I'll just have to power through the day and go to bed early tonight... if I can!

I also skipped my morning workout to try to get some extra sleep in, so I'm missing my infusion of endorphins. Hopefully I will get a chance to do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD after work. I generally try to get at least some exercise in six days a week. I have to do that so I can be sure to work off all the cupcakes, Girl Scout cookies and other sweets I eat!

Today's outfit is just a simple white shirt and blue and white flowered skirt, both from INC International Concepts. I bought these pieces back in 2008, I think, so I've had them a few years. I usually don't break out my white clothes until we are deeper into Spring, but since I was in a rush to get ready, I didn't really debate the issue too much.

I remember falling in love with this white shirt because it was just so cute and feminine. I love the ruffle detail around the sleeves. It's actually a little big on me, but I remember it was the smallest one I could find at Macy's back then, so I snapped it up. The skirt I remember getting for a very cheap price on clearance. It's funny how you always seem to remember those awesome deals.

Overall, the look isn't too flattering on me, which is why I haven't worn this outfit in over a year. I definitely know what looks good on me -- and that's a dress.

I am also wearing my BCBGMazAzria Gage royal blue patent peep-toe pumps.

I also want to add one thing about the title of today's post: "I Should Be So Lucky." This song from Kylie Minogue is special to me because, back in the late 1980s, my sisters and I had her tape, and my mom would play it over and over for us in the car. My sister, Gail, and I were taking Jazz and Tap classes at the time, and our Jazz teacher used the song in one of our routines. I remember asking her to tell us who sang the song and begging my mom to buy it for us... and she did.