Friday, March 4, 2011


Today I'm wearing another Marc by Marc Jacobs dress: the Light Bright Dotted Knit Dress in Coral. I love this dress for a few reasons: the color (a beautiful coral that borders on tangerine), the style (so cute with the polka dots and buttons) and the overall silhouette (so comfortable).

We can wear jeans in the office on Fridays, but I usually choose to wear a more casual dress. I don't think I've actually worn this dress to the office before, since it is really more suited for a weekend afternoon. But on Fridays, anything goes... well, almost anything.

Since it is a little chillier here in Atlanta today, I decided on closed toe shoes: the L.A.M.B. Plum Suede Wedges in Navy.

Although I will have to work this weekend, I am looking forward to spending Saturday and Sunday with Chapin and George. After last weekend's whirlwind of activity, I am ready for some relaxation.

I have also asked Chapin to show me how to make lasagna, since he is the cook in the family, and I would like to make a meal to bring to my friend, Katie, who just had the baby. I have tried to cook in the past, but I just don't have any instincts when it comes to cooking. I do like baking, though, and can follow a recipe pretty well. But cooking actual food?

Here's a good example: I once tried to make salmon for myself when Chapin was out of town. I decided that, to save calories, I would use soy sauce instead of oil. Yeah, that didn't work, and I ended up having to throw most of that piece of salmon away. What was I thinking? I think the answer is... I wasn't. Today, most of my kitchen duties, outside of baking, usually involve boiling water or turning on the oven to pre-heat. I can't even cut a tomato correctly! Hopefully, after some lessons from my fabulous gourmet husband, I will get a little better.