Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just the Way You Are

It's hard to believe it's my last day in the office in 2010. This year has gone incredibly past, and has been marked with so many different types of moments, from the agonizing and sad to the happy and relaxing. I have to admit I will be glad to ring in a new year.

Today I'm wearing a cheerful color because of two reasons: I still feel run-down and like I'm getting sick, and because Chapin woke me up several times so I failed to get a good night's sleep. This is not Chapin's fault - he is stuffed up, and has thus started snoring - but I'm grumpy nonetheless.

- The dress: Magenta BCBGMaxAzria light sweater dress

I remember wearing this dress on the plane ride to Ohio for my cousin, Tara's, wedding last year. It's so comfortable!

- The shoes: Oh Deer... Palace Tortoise Pumps

I find these shoes to be very comfortable. I wore them to Christmas Eve mass last year, and since we arrived late, we didn't get a seat, and thus had to stand for over an hour. I was very glad to be in these pumps if I was going to be in any high-heeled shoes. I actually completely forgot I had these pumps... and then I found them when trying to organize my shoes a few weeks ago. Clearly I do not have adequate space for all my things!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Thousand Miles

Even though I again went to bed at a decent time last time, I still am feeling incredibly tired today. I am drinking lots of coffee to try to make myself more alert. I hope it works!

Chapin is still sick, so we had a quiet night last night. Knight and Day arrived on Netflix, and we decided to watch it. It was a pretty decent movie, although my expectations were fairly low, so maybe that's not saying much. It managed to surprise me and actually held my attention throughout, which is hard to do nowadays. I didn't even make it through all of Iron Man 2 because I was so bored. Action movies, without a good plot, are not my cup of tea. Some of my favorite action movies usually involve a sci-fit plot, like the recent Star Trek movie, which Chapin received for Christmas from his mom. I also like some of the classic action movies like Die Hard. But I digress...

Today's dress is one I've had for several years, but don't wear too often. That is mainly because I keep it in one of those special closet bags usually reserved for important items like wedding dresses or prom dresses. So when I go through my closets to decide what to wear, I usually miss it.

Anyway, I found it today and decided to wear it, because it's still fairly cold outside, and I did not feel like wearing a sleeveless dress. Most of the dresses I have left for the challenge are sleeveless, and there are going to be some I will have to forfeit since the weather is too cold to wear them.

Details for today:
-BCBGMaxAzria Twofer Dress: It's silk on top, and I love the color, although it's hard to keep the wrinkles out. I was already late for work and then I had to steam the top because it was so wrinkly!

-BCBGMaxAzria patent leather shoes

-Jewelry: Michele watch and diamond stud earrings

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This morning while getting dressed, after I could not find the dress I had planned to wear, I settled on this simple BCBGMaxAzria long-sleeve v-neck dress that I've had for several years. This dress is fairly comfortable, but the neckline is a little deep and doesn't sit that well on my frame. (BCBGMaxAzria tends to run large on the top.) But the dress is great. It has a cute tie in back, and I love the design with its combination of flowers and polka dots. It's not something you see everyday.

I'm wearing my BCBGMaxAzria Michelle flats, and frankly, I think I look weird when I'm not in heels. I am so short I almost look like I am curtsying in the picture, but I had to choose this one becuase my arms were down. My husband keeps telling me not to put my hands on my hips for all the pictures, and how could I deny his request today? (He's home sick with a virus or flu.)

I am loading up on vitamins to avoid getting whatever he has, but I'm not that hopeful. As you can see in the picture - despite going to bed at 10 p.m. last night - I still look incredibly tired. I think something in my system is about to rear its ugly head... and just in time for New Year's Eve. Oh, what luck! I did buy a Mega Millions ticket today, so hopefully my luck won't be all bad. :)

Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)

It's back to reality on this Monday following the Christmas holiday. Today it's extremely cold outside, but I'm not quite ready to break into all my pants just yet. This Laundry by Shelli Segal belted color block dress is fairly warm, and my black tights keep my legs covered, so I thought it would do for a cold day.

I love this dress for it's simplicity - and simple details: the puff sleeves, the black patent belt, and the pockets. You also get a good view of my new watch in this picture. I am just loving having such a beautiful piece of jewelry I can wear everyday.

The shoes today are my Lady Gaga shoes - the Oh Deer... black patent shoes with the gold heels. They are comfortable and go great with just about anything.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

OK, so I didn't exactly want a hippopotamus for Christmas, but I did want a Michele watch... and my husband delivered. Christmas morning, I opened this beautiful Michele Deco Day Diamond watch that I plan to wear practically everyday from now on. Here is a cheesy picture of me wearing the watch this week! Can you tell how hard I am trying not to laugh?

Although I was sad missing Izzie and my Grandma, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Alpharetta. Here are some highlights:

We spent Christmas Eve Eve - Chapin woke up that morning and wished me a Merry Christmas Eve, and I had to remind him it was not until the next day - in Alpharetta hanging out with my family. We finished trimming the tree (my mom hates to do it without us, and Gail had not been home in a while), helped out in the kitchen, and played lots of Christmas music. Later on, my sisters and our spouses went to play trivia at a local bar... and came in second place! We were all so excited. One question we did miss: What is the name of this character from the classic claymation film, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? We had no idea!

Christmas Eve I baked cupcakes and cookies for some of the workers in our building, as well as to bring over to my parents' house, so I basically was in the kitchen for most of the morning and afternoon. We loaded up the car with goodies and presents, and headed out to Alpharetta around 4 p.m. I went to church with my parents and sister, Gail, and was excited to wear this Milly Colette Sheath Dress, which I think is just fabulous:

After church, we headed home for our special Italian Christmas Eve dinner. Italians celebrate Christmas Eve ("vigilia") with the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes. At some point in the past, my great-grandfather decided seven was too many - perhaps during the Great Depression - and pared it down to three fishes, so that's what we celebrate in my house today. Hopefully the fish will bring us good luck in the new year.

In addition to lasagna, my mother prepared:

It was a wonderful meal, and I definitely ate too much!

Christmas Day was also special. For breakfast, we had mimosas, chocolate croissants and a wonderful egg-spinach-turkey sausage dish that Chapin prepared for everyone. My mom made a feast - turkey and all the trimmings - for our special Christmas Day dinner. It was just great to be with family. And one last thing: Atlanta had a white Christmas! It's still hard to believe we saw snow on Christmas Day down here in the South. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Mom dancing with her grand-pug, George

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joy to the World

Merry Christmas to all on this special day!

Dress: Milly
Shoes: BCBGMaxAxria

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Christmas

I am excited because today is my last day in the office for the week. Christmas is now just a few days away! Atlanta is also experiencing some surprisingly nice weather: it's going to be in the 60s today.

I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather to get out the dress I wore last Christmas: this silk Betsey Johnson red and black polka dot dress. I love the puffed sleeves and overall 50s look of the dress, and it's pretty comfortable. I paired it with my Stuart Weitzman Conchita red patent flats that I haven't gotten to wear in ages. I tried on a few different pairs of shoes with this dress, but these go the best.

I couldn't find the dress online, but Dolce&Gabbana just released a beautiful red and black polka dot dress that Reese Witherspoon actually wore to accept her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's nice to know I'm "on trend"... though I will never in my wildest dreams be able to afford D&G.

Chapin and I are staying in Atlanta for the Christmas holiday, so we're happy we don't have to spend half our vacation traveling. I'm excited to get to relax and spend time with my family. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time is Here

Every year I try to do things in advance so I feel less stressed at Christmas, and every year I seem to fail. This year is turning out to be worse than usual. I am crazed at work and was so late getting my Christmas cards out. And I am still behind on all my baking! Oh well. I just have to make it to Wednesday night, and then I have four days off!

I thought today's outfit would be appropriate for two reasons: it's the holiday season, and we have our Meta Media, Inc. work holiday dinner tonight at Nava.

Diane von Furstenberg Biker Wrap Dress

The dress today is the Diane von Furstenberg Biker Wrap Dress. The dress is 100% wool, so it is very warm and comfortable. I love the bold red color, and of course paired it with gray heels: L.A.M.B. Glam Suede Pumps. Since it's such a vibrant shade of red, I used my M.A.C. Russian Red lipstick to play up the color. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but hopefully the red helps take the attention off the bags under my eyes...

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

It's hard to believe Christmas is just five days away! I am so excited to spend the holiday with my family here in Georgia. Until then, I am just trying to get through a short week at work - we are off Thursday and Friday - and to finish up some Christmas related odds and ends.

Today I'm wearing the Cynthia Steffe "Miriam" Floral-Print Silk Dress. This dress is fabulous, but I think maybe I should have opted for tights, since I have been kind of cold all day. Oh well! I am also wearing my Betsey Johnson Neville peep-toes, although I do think the dress would go great with some black booties. If you are looking for a last-minute gift for me, I'd love some black high-heel booties!

Chapin and I had a really busy weekend, so we are looking forward to the upcoming four-day holiday. Saturday we cooked, baked and cleaned, as we hosted a small dinner party for my immediate family. We also presented my parents with an early Christmas gift: a new TV! They were so excited.

Sunday evening, Chapin and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil production of OVO. It was an amazing show, and I still cannot believe the talents some of these performers possess! Talk about being flexible!

Tonight I am looking forward to an evening out with my friends and sisters, and hopefully I will have time to do some baking when I get home. I am eager to try out a recipe for Mini Oreo Surprise Cupcakes that a member of my staff sent to me. I love Oreos, so how could I not try it out!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Somewhere Only We Know

It's finally Friday, and a week from today is Christmas Eve! It's hard to believe December has gone so fast... but this whole year seems to have flown by in one big blur.

It's also a bit shocking for me to realize that today is Day 82 in the Fashion Challenge. I never imagined it would go this far, and I actually have quite a few more outfits to get through before the end. I really don't know how I've managed to collect so many beautiful clothes.

Today's outfit is from BCBGMaxAzria: the BCBGMaxAzria Jersey Faux Wrap V-Neck Dress in Evergreen. I love the colors in the dress: grey, green and navy. I bought the dress almost a year ago, but it's still available on

Although I usually wear the dress with navy pumps, today I chose my L.A.M.B. Glam Suede Pumps in Grey. Zappos also carries them in both black and red leather. You can't see this detail in the picture, but the heels are silver! I just love these shoes... and they are surprisingly comfortable.

Last night, Chapin and I went out to dinner at Seasons 52 and made a stop at Bloomingdale's to look at Michele watches. I think I'll be getting one from Santa this year... I'm so excited.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hold On

I love pockets on dresses, and I love dresses that accentuate a small waist, so I should love today's outfit, right? Well, this Charlotte Ronson belted dress is fabulous in every way... except it makes my butt look about five sizes larger than normal. So that's why today is probably only the fourth time I have worn this dress since purchasing it in 2008. I do remember getting a great deal on it... 70% off is hard to beat.

It's actually around 50 degrees out right now, which is a nice change from the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing lately. Of course, it wasn't that warm this morning, so with last night's rain, many schools closed or had delayed openings due to icy road conditions. Days like today definitely make me miss snow days. I remember back in 1993, when I was a freshman in high school, Atlanta experienced a blizzard in March. The "Blizzard of '93" produced maybe four inches of snow, but we still missed two days of school. Crazy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It Can't Rain All the Time

Although Christmastime and cold weather seem to go hand in hand, the weather outside today seems more suited to January: cold, wet, dreary. It's raining outside as I write this entry, and I'm glad I had time to walk George at lunchtime so we don't have to venture out in this freezing rain anytime soon.

Although I don't normally wear this dress with tights, there was no way I was showing bare leg today. I bought this BCBGMaxAzria puff sleeve dress back in 2009. I guess you would call this color teal, although it looks more green in the photo. I remember wearing this dress to Christmas Eve mass last year with my parents, so I wanted to wear it again around this time of year. Don't you like how clothes often represent memories for people?

The shoes are also BCGGMaxAzria: the black patent leather Dida Square Toe Pumps I've had for several years. I usually wear these shoes a lot in the wintertime, since they go so great with black tights.

Last night I was up way too late - midnight! - wrapping gifts. I definitely didn't realize I had so much to do when I started, but I'm glad that I put a major dent in my wrapping. I generally like to wrap gifts; I just put a Christmas movie on TV, and set up on the floor with all my supplies. George usually leaves me alone, too. He would much rather veg out on the couch than investigate the gifts, wrapping paper and other necessities.

One thing I do want to mention:  Chapin bought me the hands-free tape dispenser that I had seen advertised on TV. You can't imagine how excited I was about this invention... but it really doesn't work as advertised. We'll probably be sticking with normal tape dispensers from now on.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping Tip for Dec 14

The commando panties I mentioned in my Favorite Things blog post are on Rue La La today. You can get some fabulous deals - normally the panties run about $26 each, but you can get three on Rue La La for $35. If you need an invite to Rue La La, just let me know. Even Oprah loves these panties.

Hazy Shade of Winter

I love a fabulous print, and the green and navy tartan pattern on today's dress is no exception. I bought the Nanette Lepore Pretty Plaid Dress back in 2009, so it's no longer available for purchase, but you can find other fabulous plaid prints from the designer online, including the Nanette Lepore On the Beat Plaid Dress.

There are a myriad of reasons why this dress is both flattering and chic:

- The cap sleeves are endearing and help slim the arm. If you're self conscious about your arms, a cap or puff sleeve is always going to be your best bet. It cuts off to help make the arms look thinner.

- The silhouette defines the waist, yet doesn't hug the hips to make you look bulky.

- It's made with 100% wool, so it's quite warm for a cold day like today, but it's lined inside so the wool doesn't touch the skin directly. (I have very sensitive skin, so this feature is a major plus!)

As for accessories, I went pretty light today, since the decorative buttons on the dress are enough to grab the eye (so no necklace needed). I am wearing my sapphire and diamond earrings and using my Michele black purse. The shoes are the Black Suede Braid Elisha T-Strap Pumps from Modern Vintage. I could only find them on eBay; I bought these shoes over a year ago.

I also thought today's picture looks pretty cool. We own a loft, so from first glance it looks like the wall above me just kind of ends... but we painted part of the upper wall and ceiling dark green to get that cool visual effect. I think the photo captures it just right.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Days

It is really, really cold here in Atlanta today. In fact, I don't think the high is supposed to reach 30 degrees! I know for people in other parts of the country, this kind of weather in December would be greatly welcome, but here in Atlanta, we are just not used to the biting wind, snow flurries and your face freezing every time you walk outside. Today's outfit thus had one purpose: keep me warm!

Although it looks like I'm wearing all black, the skirt, in fact, has white stripes... so don't think I'm being extra morbid today! The details for the outfit include:

- Aqua cashmere sweater I got on sale for an awesome price about two years about at
- Banana Republic white and black striped wool skirt (very warm!)
- Bandolino black leather boots

I wish the skirt were a bit shorter, but I am short and never got it altered, so I guess that's on me.

It was hard coming back to work after a cozy weekend with my husband and family. My sister, Laura, and I baked cookies with my mom on Saturday, and it really helped get me in the Christmas mood. My mom's traditional holiday cookies include Pecan Sandies, which I just love, so I helped my mom make them. Laura worked on her famous sugar cookies. My mom actually calls the recipe Laura's Sugar Cookies! She has been baking them since she was little.
Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies I baked at home on Sunday

Chapin and I basically hibernated on Sunday, except for one morning trip out for brunch and grocery shopping. We ate brunch for the first time at Parish in the Highlands, and it's safe to say we'll be returning. The restaurant is also famous! The Lucy Liu Lifetime movie, Marry Me, filmed there, as well as the upcoming movie, The Change-Up, with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Our waiter also told us a recent T.I. video was filmed there as well.

Funnily enough, Marry Me (Part I) debuted on Lifetime Sunday night. Since I recorded it, I didn't play it until this morning, and one of the first scenes took place in Parish. Chapin was like "We sat right there!" It was very cool. Hopefully, if these tax breaks stay in place, Hollywood will continue to come to Georgia.

After brunch - Chapin ordered the Fried Chicken Doghead Benedict, while I had Bella's Omelette - we went over to Publix for some long overdue grocery shopping. It started snowing on our way to brunch - light, glittering snowflakes that actually looked like minuscule salt granules up close - and nothing much had changed once we exited the restaurant. When we were checking out with all our groceries, however, Chapin told me to look outside. When I did, I muttered "Oh sh**!" I guess I didn't exactly say it under my breath, because a nearby cashier actually turned around! Oh well. At least I got a cute story out of it...

The rest of the day we basically hibernated at home with George. It was a great weekend!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

I'm so glad it's Friday, because I need a break from this long week. There is just so much going on at work that I feel like I'm constantly stressed out, and then I have to shop for Christmas on top of that. Thank goodness for online retail!

Today I'm in one of my most casual dresses. Since I plan to walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch, I wanted to wear comfortable footwear today... and these Steve Madden gray suede boots are really quite cozy. Plus, I get to wear socks to keep my feet warm.

The dress is from a more casual brand: C&C California. I like the dress for its laid back style - perfect for a Friday at work when I don't have any client meetings - and it goes great with the boots.

I also have to give a shout to Tiffany, Sabrina and Margot. We met for dinner last night and had a fabulous time. Our quartet became close in grad school, and we try to get together every few months. We're all so busy, it's just nice to stop and catch up with everyone. That is probably my favorite thing about the holiday season: spending time with family and friends. Well, the presents are nice, too... :)

Silly Love Songs

Today my baby boy, George, turns six years old. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe he was ever our little pug puppy!

George was just about 10 weeks old when we picked him up over Valentine's Day weekend in 2005. Chapin and I didn't have much experience as dog owners, but I think we were fast learners. George did like to get into trouble, though. He was quite a chewer, and ruined a pair of glasses I left on an end table, as well as that maroon rug you see in the picture. We also could not let him near toilet paper or Snuggle, because he would rip them up to shreds!

Today George is a pretty mellow guy. He enjoys morning cuddling with his daddy while his momma works out, and especially loves the weekends when he can spend lots of time with us. Chapin actually remarked this morning that he probably kisses George more than me, and I said I probably told George I loved him more than anyone else. Can you tell we love our boy?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Black Velvet

Although it's still cold outside, today I decided to abandon tights and just brave the temperatures in my bare legs. I am wearing a plain Cynthia Steffe LBD today - something all girls should have in their closets - and I didn't feel like going with an all-black ensemble from head to toe. At least the bare legs help break up the black a little bit. By the way, LBD = Little Black Dress for those not hip to fashion lingo.

The official name of this dress is the Cynthia Steffe Holly Chain Dress, and unfortantely I could not find it available for purchase online. You can't really see it in the picture, but the dress has some subtle gold chain detailing that I just love. It runs up the sides of the dress and on part of the sleeve.

I like today's picture because you can see my shoes really well. These Nanette Lepore Dotty Peep-Toe Pumps are among my favorites, and I don't get to wear them that often.

On a side note, Chapin and I actually went to Nordstrom last night to look at Michele watches. Some of them look really big on my tiny wrist. I have insanely small wrists for my frame, so even a normal looking watch can look huge. We will probably try to go to another store over the weekend to see if they have a larger selection.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Headlight

Today did not start off very well... First, I walked George in my heels, which I never do. I didn't realize until I was outside that I had on the wrong shoes. Second, I forgot to put on my eyeliner and mascara, and I usually don't leave the house without completely doing up my eyes. I guess I'm just extremely tired today. Is it really only Wednesday?

Today's dress is from Alice + Olivia, and I've had it several years now. I wear the dress with a black turtleneck sweater underneath (from Banana Republic) and black tights. I have worn the dress without a turtleneck underneath before, and it just doesn't look right, so I always wear it this way now. The outfit overall is very warm, which is why I chose it for today. The high is only going to be 37 degrees!

I went home at lunch to walk George, and put on the rest of my makeup at that time, so if you were hoping to see me without my mascara and eyeliner... too bad!

I am also wearing what I now call my  "Lady Gaga shoes" from the Oh Deer... brand. I was in a Starbucks this past February, and the girl behind the counter saw them and said they were shoes Lady Gaga might wear, so I refer to them that way now. They are really just plain black patent leather shoes until you get to the heels. I love the gold heels. It gives the shoes that something extra!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Virtual Insanity

It's been quite a day already, and it's not even over yet! I am at least very happy that Chapin is on his way home from his business trip. He's been gone two nights, and I never sleep well when he's away. George will be happy, too. Whenever one of us is not home, George spends quite a bit of time looking over at the door, wondering when we will walk through it!

As you can see from today's outfit, I'm not in a dress today! Shocker, I know, but I do own other items of clothing. Today I'm in a simple sweater and skirt ensemble from Banana Republic. I've had this skirt about eight years, and it's one of those signature pieces that no closet should be without. I am at least glad to know I still fit in it. I love this sweater for its vibrant green color. I don't think anyone can look bad in such a beautiful emerald green.

I am also wearing black Bandolino boots with a small heel. It's just been so cold lately that I wanted a warm outfit, and this one fit the bill.

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year, but it can also be really stressful. I still have so much to get done in the next few weeks!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Miss You Much

It's suddenly freezing cold in Atlanta, and I still have short-sleeve dresses to wear for the Fashion Challenge. Thank goodness for tights to keep my legs warm! Today is actually Day 73, if you can believe it. I only count the outfits I wear to work, so I am not even including any of my cocktail dresses or weekend outfits in that tally. Clearly I am a bit of a shopaholic! I have completely taken over Chapin's pull-up bar with clothes.

Today I'm in a "two-fer" ruffled dress from Max and Cleo. I love the blue on this dress, and it's really very waist defining. I am also wearing flats for a change: my Michelle jeweled jelly flats from BCBGMaxAzria. They are actually peep-toes, and I realized after I'd already left for work that my tights had a hole in the left toe! Fortunately, I was able to hide it all day. :)

One thing I also have to mention is what a wonderful man I am married to. After hearing me nag him for weeks that I want cupcake pajamas for Christmas, he surprised me with a Pajama Gram today. (It's my first!) Inside was a pink tank top and cupcake pajamas shorts. I am so excited. The card read: "Merry Early Christmas. Love, Chapin." What a sweet man!


Chapin and I had a nice weekend together, doing things just the two of us. It all started Saturday morning when we walked down just a few blocks to see the Atlanta Children's Christmas Parade. We were actually able to see the parade start marching down the street, since it kicked off not even two blocks away from us. Sometimes we don't realize how fortunate we are to live right in the city!

George actually got quite a bit of attention from all the people lined up in the parade. One person would see him, then nudge another, and soon you would hear snippets of, "Look at the pug!" Well, he is quite a handsome pug!

The afternoon was focused mainly on the SEC Championship: Auburn versus South Carolina. Chapin watched the game from home, and George -- in his Auburn shirt -- brought lots of luck to Cam Newton.

After the game ended, Chapin and I went out to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant, Nino's, to celebrate Chapin's birthday. I used the evening as an excuse to wear my Jay Godfrey Lafayette dress, which has been seen (in other colors) on celebrities like Kim Kardashian. I wish I had a picture that included Chapin, but unfortunately the batteries in our camera died before he could get in the photo!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's Friday, December 3rd, and in our house this date is extra special for two reasons: both my husband and our Izzie celebrate a birthday today. If she'd lived, Izzie would have turned five years old. I will not tell how old my hubby is today! :)

I think Chapin and I are both coming down with colds, so we will probably lay low this weekend. We have dinner plans Saturday night after the SEC game, when hopefully Auburn will kick butt! WDE!

Since I'm not feeling so great, I wanted today's outfit to be comfortable, so I went with this Ella Moss jersey dress. I like the empire waistline and the length hits me just right at the knee. I am wearing it with my flat Steve Madden suede gray boots. I do feel short today, though!

Chapin, Izzie and George: Christmas 2008

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just for Now

The week seems to be flying by, and somehow it's already Thursday. I am looking forward to the weekend, when I can sleep in! I have been going to bed way too late every night, even though I say to myself everyday that I will go to bed by 10. It just doesn't happen.

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite fall/ winter colors: maroon. The Black Halo Joan Sheath Dress is a great dress for work: very professional looking and sophisticated. I feel so grown up when I wear it. The dress is no longer available to purchase online, but you can browse a variety of Black Halo styles on websites like these, plus high-end department store sites:

I am also wearing my patent leather BCBGirls Stela Pumps in Raisin, which are also not available online anymore. I like these pumps because the heel is not too high, and they're pretty and comfortable.

It's been so cold the last few days, so Chapin made chicken chili last night for dinner. It was ready by the time I came home from my hair appointment, and it was so nice to eat something so filling and warm. I also wrapped my first Christmas present of the season. That present sure does look lonely under the tree, though. I better get going on my shopping. There are only three weekends left before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Today it really feels like winter, and it's funny, because it's also the first day of December! Due to a bad rainstorm yesterday, most of the trees have now fully shed their leaves. Those bare branches are one of the things I like the least about wintertime.

I am starting to pull out some of my heavier clothes now that we're getting into 40-degree temperatures, and today's outfit is one of my winter favorites. I love this BCBGMaxAzria sweater dress-- it's comfortable and looks so cute! I also think it's one of the more unique items in my closet due to that crazy pattern. I actually bought this dress at full-price because I wanted it so badly. Let me tell you - that is rare!

I am also wearing BCBGMaxAzria pumps and black tights with a subtle stripe pattern. You can't even tell there is a pattern in the picture.

I'm trying to do more poses because my husband tells me I do the same pose everyday. Well, it's actually harder than you think to stand every morning in front of a camera and think of different ways to position your arms and legs.

Last night Chapin and I had a great night, so I woke up feeling good. He made duck for dinner - it was delicious! - and then we finished decorating the tree while watching Scrooged on TV. Later, Home Alone 2 came on, and Chapin asked me, very seriously, if Susan Boyle was in the movie. I could not stop laughing. The actress who plays the pigeon lady actually looks very much like her!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All You Need is Love

Today's weather can only be described as "yucky": humid, rainy, foggy and just very, very gray. Although it's not as cold as it was yesterday, a cold front is on its way. I guess that's to be expected, since today is the last day of November!

I am in Betsey Johnson today. She was probably the first real designer I took a shine to, after getting one of her dresses on sale at Neiman Marcus to wear for our engagement pictures back in 2003.

I consider this dress a throwback to the 1950s, something they might wear on Mad Men. The cap sleeves and belt all do their best to accentuate a tiny waist and slim the arms, while the full skirts hides bigger hips and thighs. This is probably one of my favorite styles... in fact, I love the fashion from the 1950s and early 1960s. I especially love the dresses Grace Kelly wore in Rear Window.

The shoes today are from Nine West -- the Nine West Women's Cawley Platform Pumps -- and I have my Michele bag with me, of course! I'm usually not without it these days. I am hoping to convince Chapin to buy me a Michele watch for Christmas! :)

Since I am wearing Betsey Johnson today, I also want to give a shout out to one of my loyal readers who is not related to me: Laviolet! She is a fan of Betsey Johnson as well. Thanks for reading!

Candle in the Wind

I am sad today thinking about someone I knew who passed away last week: Angie Whitmore. Angie was a security guard in our building for several years, and she was sweet and kind to everyone. I would greet her every morning when I walked George, and she would say, "Hey Michele!" right back. She had a great voice.

She was very young, but ovarian cancer took her life last Tuesday. Her funeral is this afternoon, which I guess is why she is on my mind. I guess it takes a tragedy like this one-- someone leaving your life so abruptly, never to return -- that makes you thankful for every day you have on this earth. Angie's little girl is not even three years old yet.

As we go into the holiday season, I am glad to have family and friends in my own life, people who know me so well and are always there for me if I need them. January of 2010 was one of the hardest months of my life, losing Izzie and then my Grandma just a few days later, and I know I could not have gotten through it without my husband, parents, sisters, friends and in-laws... and George, of course. I guess if you can learn anything from such sadness, it's that life is short, so live each day to the fullest.

Izzie, me and Grandma in 2008

Monday, November 29, 2010

Beat It

It's back to the grind today, and Atlanta decided to welcome everyone back from vacation with cold temperatures and a rainy ride home. I had so much going on in the office today I didn't even leave for lunch until 1:45, and then I rushed home to quickly walk George before the rain hit and scarf down some sweet potatoes and stuffing for lunch. Gotta love those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Here I am in today's outfit, and as you can see, I am in desperate need of a hair cut. I am wearing a simple BCBGMaxAzria blue/black/gray colorblock dress, black tights and Charles by Charles David Curtsy pumps in black tweed. This dress is comfortable and I love the colors. I matched my eye shadow today to the blue in the dress using my NARS trio eyeshadow color palette. I'm sure it's too matchy-matchy, but I love experimenting with eye shadow.

It's also Cyber Monday today, the biggest online shopping day of the year. Hopefully you are filling your virtual shopping carts with gifts for friends and loved ones. It's hard to believe Christmas is less than a month away.

Thank You

It's always hard to come back to work after a long weekend, and today was no exception. Thanksgiving 2010 turned out to be very relaxing and fun, full of good food and wonderful company.

Chapin, George and I left Wednesday for Daphne, Alabama, to spend the holiday with his family. It is a long drive - about five and a half hours - and Chapin and I fill the time reading (well, I read out loud to Chapin) and listening to music. We always stop for snacks at the same place in Montgomery, which is about halfway between Atlanta and Daphne. I gobbled up some Guthrie's as soon as we arrived. I love Guthrie's and its sister chain, Zaxby's, for the chicken fingers, sauce and fries, even though I am pretty sure that sauce has mayo!
Our attempt at a family pic: Chapin cut off his face, Gray is hidden, and Nix blends in with the wall!

Anway, we finally arrived in Daphne on Wednesday night, and were so excited to see everyone: Sheila, Nix, Stacey, Daniel, Grayson, Finn, Xin and Ella. Although I was really missing Izzie, it was nice to see this side of the family. Due to the distance, we really only see them a few times a year, and the kids are growing up fast.

Finn is a sweetheart, and always has a smile ready for you... when's he's not eating. :) He discovered how much he loves turkey and sweet potatoes this weekend. I love this pic of him in his Uncle Chapin's arms. I believe this was just after Auburn's Iron Bowl win.

Grayson is curious, smart and gentle-hearted. He loves animals and took an immediate shine to George. Gray would chase him around asking, "Will you play with me, George?" or just pronouncing, "I love you, George." I enjoyed reading to Gray in the big comfy chair, and Chapin bonded with him as well as they read an alphabet book together.

Of course, the weekend was not complete until the Iron Bowl! It's Alabama versus Auburn, and in this house, if you're not rooting for Auburn, you best be on your way.

Although the game started out badly for Auburn, they were triumphant in the end... thank goodness! Chapin comes from a unique family: his dad's side of the family, still in Birmingham, are all Alabama fans, and his mom's side of the family roots for Auburn. When Louie called Chapin after the score hit 21-0, in favor of Alabama, he refused to answer the phone!

Other highlights from this weekend included:
  • Seeing Tangled with Grayson, Stacey and Sheila
  • Celebrating Chapin's birthday a little early with my parents in Alpharetta
  • Catching up with friends on Sunday to celebrate John's birthday at Twain's
  • Putting up our Christmas tree and realizing that, since we rearranged our living room earlier this year, we have no good place to put it!
  • Realizing I might want to have a baby after all????

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tik Tok

The clock is ticking... and Chapin and I are both very excited to hit the road to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Nix and Gibbons families in Daphne, AL. Although it's a long drive, we will be re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so hopefully that will make the time go fast. After seeing the movie this past weekend, I realized a re-read was in order. My memory is just not what it used to be! And for those wondering, yes, I read aloud to Chapin in the car.

Today's outfit is both comfortable and chic, since I still had to come into the office for conference calls and to even hold one interview. I am wearing a Max and Cleo Twofer dress - it looks like two pieces, but it's really just one - that my sister, Gail, gave me for Christmas last year. I paired the dress with my L.A.M.B. Quincy d'Orsay Pumps.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Raise Your Glass

Tuesday was a day of meetings - but successful meetings! I wanted something that would look very professional for my long day, so I chose this Alice + Olivia belted dress. I'm not normally one for animal prints, but since the dress just uses the leopard print in the belt, I thought it was subtle enough to work. Hopefully you agree.

I paired the dress with my Betsey Johnson Lakin pumps, also in a leopard print, that you can still buy online at

This Woman's Work

Monday was a busy day for me, but I did manage to meet my mom for a wonderful dinner at Seasons 52. Sometimes it is just nice to share a meal with someone who has known you your entire life! George also made an appearance in my office that afternoon. He always enjoys coming in and getting so many pets and treats from new people. Although if you try to leave to go to the bathroom, and you don't have his permission...  watch out!

Monday's outfit included:

-Max and Cleo purple and dark gray houndstooth dress
-Gray leather L.A.M.B. Women's Quiana T-Strap Platform Sandals

My Favorite Things

NARS Orgasm Blush
In honor of Oprah's annual 'Favorite Things' episode, I thought I would share some of my own favorite things from this year. Here they are, in no particular order:

#1: NARS Orgasm Blush
This blush works great on just about any skin tone, and is the perfect shade of pink, accurately capturing that "rosy glow" from just after... well, you know.

#2: Alterna Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner is expensive, but worth every penny. The conditioner especially helps keep my hair lush and strong, and helps protect it from my damaging hair dryer and straightener.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
#3: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
I love this gentle face cleanser for its wonderful scent (cucumbers!) and deep clean feeling. I don't use it to remove makeup, but it's my first and last cleanser of the day.

#4: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Due to my allergies, I have suffered from dark circles all my life, so I'm forever searching for that perfect concealer that will cover them without giving me that raccoon look. I finally found perfection when I stumbled upon Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage. The shades work great with my skin tone to help hide blemishes and dark circles.

#5: Korres Guava Body Butter
I love the lush scent of this body butter, and it's very moisturizing!

#6: Kaleidoscope Heart from Sara Bareilles
I love every song on the sophomore album from Bareilles, who first hit it big with her 2007 single "Love Song." ("Love Song" was featured in the movie Made of Honor, with Patrick Dempsey, among others.) My favorite from her new album has to be "King of Anything". Here's the video:

#7: Cynthia Steffe dresses
I have really fallen in love with Cynthia Steffe's professional and chic dresses this year. I have several in my closet, and my favorite is probably the Cynthia Steffe Shannon Sheath in an aquamarine blue.

#8: Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-Ray
If you're a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, as you know I am, then this Blu-Ray collection is worth the investment. I love the deleted scenes, especially the extended version of the Darth Vadar sequence from the first movie. It made me laugh so hard! Each film's quality is also phenomenal! How did I previously live without high-def?

#9: Moroccanoil Oil Treatment
With long hair, you're forever doing anything you can to keep it looking healthy. Morroccanoil Oil Treatment should be your savior if you're in need of moisture or hair repair. I apply it to my hair every morning before blow drying, and sometimes to my dry ends to moisture them overnight. It's a miracle worker!

#10: Black Halo dresses
I was previously aware of Black Halo, but have become a true fan of the brand this year. I now have several dresses with the Black Halo label, and Chapin has labeled my Black Halo Eva Mini Dress his favorite out of all my dresses. (I have the dress in black.)

#11: Commando Low-Rise Girl Short Panty
I have been forever searching for panties that could go undetected under certain garments, most of them being clingy/ tight-fitting items. I tried out these girl short panties from the Commando brand, and they are not only extremely comfortable, but really do make it look like you're "going commando." 

#12: Words with Friends
I started playing this game in April of this year, and haven't stopped yet. I think it's so much fun, and (hopefully) good for the brain, too. Thanks to Sheila for introducing me!

#13: Cami Cakes
My friend Tiffany introduced me to these fantastic cupcakes this summer, and they are my number one guilty pleasure. I can't decide on my favorite flavor, though Mint Chocolate, Carrot Cake and the classic Black and White definitely top the list.

#14: Middle Sister wine
I randomly picked up a bottle of Middle Sister Rebel Red at Publix earlier this year, and Chapin and I have both been hooked on the wine ever since. It's great... and inexpensive! The label is adorable, too, and of course makes me think of my sister, Gail.

#15: Charlaine Harris
If you're a fan of True Blood, then you've heard of Charlaine Harris, the author behind the books that inspired the HBO series. Well written and inventive, the books have kept our interest on many long car trips. Chapin and I have now read all the books in the Sookie Stackhouse series, and are eager for more. Are you Team Bill or Team Eric?

#16: The Help
Although The Help came out in 2009, I just picked it up this summer -- and did not want to put it down once I started reading. Books these days very rarely keep my interest like this... but I was so enveloped in the stories of Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny that I was so disappointed when it came to an end. Now I can at least look forward to the movie!

#17: Songs to Move to...
I love music, but I have to call out "Tik Tok," "Hey Soul Sister," "Raise Your Glass" and "Dynamite" for really making me want to get up and just dance this year.

P!nk - Raise Your Glass (Official Music Video)
Uploaded by ChaOko_01. - Explore more music videos.

#18: Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Wash
I love using this body wash for its delicious scent. It really does smell like you are peeling an orange, and it's a great way to get your day going.

#19: Personal necklaces
I love my Izzie necklace that is in the shape of a pug silhouette with Izzie's name inscribed. (Thanks, Laurin!) It makes me feel like I have her close to my heart.

#20: Michele, the Brand
As you know from reading this blog, I was so excited to get my first Michele branded item this year: my purse! Hopefully one day I can add a Michele watch.