Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hold On

I love pockets on dresses, and I love dresses that accentuate a small waist, so I should love today's outfit, right? Well, this Charlotte Ronson belted dress is fabulous in every way... except it makes my butt look about five sizes larger than normal. So that's why today is probably only the fourth time I have worn this dress since purchasing it in 2008. I do remember getting a great deal on it... 70% off is hard to beat.

It's actually around 50 degrees out right now, which is a nice change from the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing lately. Of course, it wasn't that warm this morning, so with last night's rain, many schools closed or had delayed openings due to icy road conditions. Days like today definitely make me miss snow days. I remember back in 1993, when I was a freshman in high school, Atlanta experienced a blizzard in March. The "Blizzard of '93" produced maybe four inches of snow, but we still missed two days of school. Crazy!