Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Thousand Miles

Even though I again went to bed at a decent time last time, I still am feeling incredibly tired today. I am drinking lots of coffee to try to make myself more alert. I hope it works!

Chapin is still sick, so we had a quiet night last night. Knight and Day arrived on Netflix, and we decided to watch it. It was a pretty decent movie, although my expectations were fairly low, so maybe that's not saying much. It managed to surprise me and actually held my attention throughout, which is hard to do nowadays. I didn't even make it through all of Iron Man 2 because I was so bored. Action movies, without a good plot, are not my cup of tea. Some of my favorite action movies usually involve a sci-fit plot, like the recent Star Trek movie, which Chapin received for Christmas from his mom. I also like some of the classic action movies like Die Hard. But I digress...

Today's dress is one I've had for several years, but don't wear too often. That is mainly because I keep it in one of those special closet bags usually reserved for important items like wedding dresses or prom dresses. So when I go through my closets to decide what to wear, I usually miss it.

Anyway, I found it today and decided to wear it, because it's still fairly cold outside, and I did not feel like wearing a sleeveless dress. Most of the dresses I have left for the challenge are sleeveless, and there are going to be some I will have to forfeit since the weather is too cold to wear them.

Details for today:
-BCBGMaxAzria Twofer Dress: It's silk on top, and I love the color, although it's hard to keep the wrinkles out. I was already late for work and then I had to steam the top because it was so wrinkly!

-BCBGMaxAzria patent leather shoes

-Jewelry: Michele watch and diamond stud earrings