Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Headlight

Today did not start off very well... First, I walked George in my heels, which I never do. I didn't realize until I was outside that I had on the wrong shoes. Second, I forgot to put on my eyeliner and mascara, and I usually don't leave the house without completely doing up my eyes. I guess I'm just extremely tired today. Is it really only Wednesday?

Today's dress is from Alice + Olivia, and I've had it several years now. I wear the dress with a black turtleneck sweater underneath (from Banana Republic) and black tights. I have worn the dress without a turtleneck underneath before, and it just doesn't look right, so I always wear it this way now. The outfit overall is very warm, which is why I chose it for today. The high is only going to be 37 degrees!

I went home at lunch to walk George, and put on the rest of my makeup at that time, so if you were hoping to see me without my mascara and eyeliner... too bad!

I am also wearing what I now call my  "Lady Gaga shoes" from the Oh Deer... brand. I was in a Starbucks this past February, and the girl behind the counter saw them and said they were shoes Lady Gaga might wear, so I refer to them that way now. They are really just plain black patent leather shoes until you get to the heels. I love the gold heels. It gives the shoes that something extra!