Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Days

It is really, really cold here in Atlanta today. In fact, I don't think the high is supposed to reach 30 degrees! I know for people in other parts of the country, this kind of weather in December would be greatly welcome, but here in Atlanta, we are just not used to the biting wind, snow flurries and your face freezing every time you walk outside. Today's outfit thus had one purpose: keep me warm!

Although it looks like I'm wearing all black, the skirt, in fact, has white stripes... so don't think I'm being extra morbid today! The details for the outfit include:

- Aqua cashmere sweater I got on sale for an awesome price about two years about at
- Banana Republic white and black striped wool skirt (very warm!)
- Bandolino black leather boots

I wish the skirt were a bit shorter, but I am short and never got it altered, so I guess that's on me.

It was hard coming back to work after a cozy weekend with my husband and family. My sister, Laura, and I baked cookies with my mom on Saturday, and it really helped get me in the Christmas mood. My mom's traditional holiday cookies include Pecan Sandies, which I just love, so I helped my mom make them. Laura worked on her famous sugar cookies. My mom actually calls the recipe Laura's Sugar Cookies! She has been baking them since she was little.
Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies I baked at home on Sunday

Chapin and I basically hibernated on Sunday, except for one morning trip out for brunch and grocery shopping. We ate brunch for the first time at Parish in the Highlands, and it's safe to say we'll be returning. The restaurant is also famous! The Lucy Liu Lifetime movie, Marry Me, filmed there, as well as the upcoming movie, The Change-Up, with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Our waiter also told us a recent T.I. video was filmed there as well.

Funnily enough, Marry Me (Part I) debuted on Lifetime Sunday night. Since I recorded it, I didn't play it until this morning, and one of the first scenes took place in Parish. Chapin was like "We sat right there!" It was very cool. Hopefully, if these tax breaks stay in place, Hollywood will continue to come to Georgia.

After brunch - Chapin ordered the Fried Chicken Doghead Benedict, while I had Bella's Omelette - we went over to Publix for some long overdue grocery shopping. It started snowing on our way to brunch - light, glittering snowflakes that actually looked like minuscule salt granules up close - and nothing much had changed once we exited the restaurant. When we were checking out with all our groceries, however, Chapin told me to look outside. When I did, I muttered "Oh sh**!" I guess I didn't exactly say it under my breath, because a nearby cashier actually turned around! Oh well. At least I got a cute story out of it...

The rest of the day we basically hibernated at home with George. It was a great weekend!