Thursday, December 9, 2010

Black Velvet

Although it's still cold outside, today I decided to abandon tights and just brave the temperatures in my bare legs. I am wearing a plain Cynthia Steffe LBD today - something all girls should have in their closets - and I didn't feel like going with an all-black ensemble from head to toe. At least the bare legs help break up the black a little bit. By the way, LBD = Little Black Dress for those not hip to fashion lingo.

The official name of this dress is the Cynthia Steffe Holly Chain Dress, and unfortantely I could not find it available for purchase online. You can't really see it in the picture, but the dress has some subtle gold chain detailing that I just love. It runs up the sides of the dress and on part of the sleeve.

I like today's picture because you can see my shoes really well. These Nanette Lepore Dotty Peep-Toe Pumps are among my favorites, and I don't get to wear them that often.

On a side note, Chapin and I actually went to Nordstrom last night to look at Michele watches. Some of them look really big on my tiny wrist. I have insanely small wrists for my frame, so even a normal looking watch can look huge. We will probably try to go to another store over the weekend to see if they have a larger selection.