Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This morning while getting dressed, after I could not find the dress I had planned to wear, I settled on this simple BCBGMaxAzria long-sleeve v-neck dress that I've had for several years. This dress is fairly comfortable, but the neckline is a little deep and doesn't sit that well on my frame. (BCBGMaxAzria tends to run large on the top.) But the dress is great. It has a cute tie in back, and I love the design with its combination of flowers and polka dots. It's not something you see everyday.

I'm wearing my BCBGMaxAzria Michelle flats, and frankly, I think I look weird when I'm not in heels. I am so short I almost look like I am curtsying in the picture, but I had to choose this one becuase my arms were down. My husband keeps telling me not to put my hands on my hips for all the pictures, and how could I deny his request today? (He's home sick with a virus or flu.)

I am loading up on vitamins to avoid getting whatever he has, but I'm not that hopeful. As you can see in the picture - despite going to bed at 10 p.m. last night - I still look incredibly tired. I think something in my system is about to rear its ugly head... and just in time for New Year's Eve. Oh, what luck! I did buy a Mega Millions ticket today, so hopefully my luck won't be all bad. :)