Monday, September 16, 2019

Dresses for Less

Since I have way too many dresses, I recently decided to clean out my closet and part ways with dresses that I (a) had not worn in at least two years or (b) that simply didn't fit me well. I had a rack full of about 140 dresses at my neighborhood porch sale this past weekend. I tagged each and every one, thinking each time of when I had last worn it, or when I had originally bought it. Some people have smell memories; I have dress memories.

Ultimately, though, I ended up selling... only four dresses. Hardly anyone came to shop, so I was hugely disappointed. I spent a lot of my precious weekend hours getting ready for the sale.

I've decided now to sell some of those dresses on Poshmark, a site for buying and selling fashion. Check out my items here. I plan to add a lot more dresses to my Poshmark "closet" in the coming weeks. If Poshmark is a bust, I will try some local consignment shops, but Poshmark takes 20% commission as opposed to 35% at local boutiques like Alexis Suitcase, so I definitely want to see if Poshmark can work for me. eBay is another option I might try.

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Outfit Details

Today's dress is one I've owned for a few months. The pastel pink color combined with the knit fabric make it perfect for spring, but since I waited too long to wear it, a hot day in September will have to do! The high today is 95 degrees, though. Sheesh!

Dress: Parker Paulette Knit Pink Dress

You can find the dress at Amazon and the Parker website. My husband even paid me a compliment today: "For a high neck dress, that's pretty," he said.

Shoes: Sophia Webster Rosalind Gem Sandals

I adore these shoes! Aren't they beautiful?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sparkle and Shine

The colors of today's Rebecca Taylor dress are so beautiful, and they are getting me excited for fall. I'll be very glad when these searing temperatures start falling! It's just way too hot out.

Outfit Details

Dress: Rebecca Taylor Giverney Fleur Dress in Metallic Amethyst

I love the more laid back nature of today's dress, and though you can't really tell in the photo, it's full of metallic threads that help the whole look shine. The dress is mostly sold out, but you can still find it at Saks Off 5thZappos and Amazon!

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Edina Sparkle Sandals

What better way to showcase these gorgeous Jimmy Choos than with a metallic dress to match! I guess I'm a kid at heart, because I still love anything that sparkles.

Monday, September 9, 2019

98 Degrees

It's so hot! I love summer, but I can't take much more of these high 90s temperatures in September. Sheesh!

At least I still have time to wear some of my cute summer dresses, like this one from Marc Jacobs. I just love this little dress so much, from the black and white striped piping to the fit and flare silhouette. There is just one thing I would change: make the straps adjustable. Oh well - nothing is perfect, right?

Outfit Details:

DressMarc Jacobs Red Floral Belted Dress

Buy it now at! If you like the print, here's a wrap dress version for sale.

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Queen Sandals

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Yes, Wear White After Labor Day

Just call me a rule breaker, because I hate following "rules" when it comes to fashion. If you want to wear white after Labor Day... wear it! Fashion is about wearing what makes you feel beautiful and confident.

I'm probably breaking more than one rule with today's outfit, since the dress is white and navy -- and I'm wearing black and white shoes. But the shoes, with their dotted pattern, matched too perfectly with the pattern on the dress; I just had to put them on!

Outfit Details

Dress: Shoshanna Carter Geo Lace Dress

The dress is no longer available to buy -- but you can rent it!

Shoes: Sophia Webster Mika Polka Dot Leather Pumps (no longer available)

You can probably tell by my shiny face that it's extremely hot and humid in Atlanta. The temperatures are still in the 90s, and Fall seems so far away. I look forward to that crisper weather arriving soon. In the meantime, hopefully you are taking advantage of all those end-of-summer sales; I know I am!

Happy shopping!