Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If You Steal My Sunshine

Fashion Challenge: Day 143
I have an important meeting today, so yes, I'm in a suit for the second day in a row. I bought this black Anne Klein suit back in 2008 at Macy's, when I realized I needed another suit for grad school. I took this suit on my grad school trip to Europe in May 2008, shortly after I turned 30, but I don't think I have worn it too many times since then. There are actually two reasons for the fact that there was dust on the shoulders of this blazer this morning:

1. The suit is a petite set, so the length of the pants actually works on me -- without heels! The trouble is, every dress shoe I own has a good heel on it. Now I have these fabulous Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats, so I can wear the right shoes. I think I may have worn my ugly, I-walk-the-dog-in-these-shoes Sketchers a few times with this outfit. Hopefully I am remembering incorrectly.

The only reason I actually have these Tory Burch flats is my sister-in-law, Stacey. She wanted them for Christmas, but they didn't end up fitting. I ordered her a new pair, and decided to keep the ones that didn't work on her. (Tory Burch runs small.)  They have actually been a great help to me over the last few months. I have worn them a good deal, and I am so glad I have them. If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a nice pair of flats, I highly recommend them.

2. The second reason is that these pants are a size 2P, and I really didn't think I fit in them anymore. But I tried them on this morning, and they worked. (Chapin assured me that there was no 'camel toe' in sight. Ha ha!) This brand MUST run big. Believe me: I am not a size 2.

Since the week is looking like a chilly one -- I want the sun back! -- I have a feeling I will be wearing all the pants left in my closet. I do have a few lightweight dresses I can also wear, but the temperature is not supposed to reach the 70s until the weekend, so they will have to wait. It's possible the Fashion Challenge could last until the first week of April, but I'm still not sure... Chapin at least wants me to try to reach 150. Can I do it? You'll have to wait and see...