Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Hello! Welcome to my blog on all things skin care, beauty, fashion and makeup... I am 29 years old and live in Atlanta, hence the oh so unique name of this blog. As I suffer through the last year of my 20s, I just thought I would share some experiences, trends, and interesting finds in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Hopefully you will find my insights interesting.

Today's Product Spotlight: Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum.

I've been searching for a lightweight serum I could wear at night that would not completely break the bank. I feel like I've found it with Aloette Time Repair Serum. It smells great and does not clog my pores... which I still have to worry about clogging, because even though puberty hit when big hair was still "in," I continue to suffer with breakouts and shiny skin. But Aloette's Time Repair seems to do the trick, and I have even noticed my skin feels softer and smoother since I started using it.

If you have suggestions on other lightweight night creams, let me know! Thanks for reading my first post.

Atlanta Gal

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Allison Shops said...

I've bee using Principal Secret for years. I'm now using the Reclaim system and LOVE it. Started using it when it first came out. Get a small kit to sample. Join the club so you can "customize" - key word. The more products you buy at once, the less they are each. I do the 9 piece kit and reorder every 6 months. (Honestly, it would last "just me" longer, but Dear Husband uses the day/night too.) Set the time frame between deliveries for 6mths - the longest you can do, then adjust as needed, so you can change up the contents.

I used the day and night moisturizers and facial cleaner daily. The enzyme mask and peel once a week (very gently) and follow that with a moisturizer that comes in a silver capsule (don't see name on it) that you can leave on overnight.

9 piece kit is about 130 with shipping.