Friday, August 12, 2011

Corporate Fashionista

I may be an "everyday fashionista," but since most of my days involve going to the office and managing my team, I'm also a "corporate fashionista." There is actually a blogger out there right now with that great URL, so I have to give her a shout-out. Sometimes I don't seem to know exactly what is appropriate and what is not for the office, so I'm always learning and trying to gain fashion advice from my fellow fashion-crazies out there. (Another corporate fashion blog I like is called "Corporette". She is very consistent in her blogging and often has more than one update per day. I wish I had the time for that!)

Usually, if I know I don't have to interface with any clients on a particular day, I try to dress more casually. However, that has backfired on me, and I occasionally have to go home and change if I get pulled into a meeting that requires me to be more dressed up. Even though we have casual Fridays in our office, I usually just dress normally, because I never know where the day could take me.

I had a particularly important meeting this week, and decided to break out this fabulous Rebecca Taylor Bustier Combo Dress for the occasion. It makes me feel very confident, which was my goal when I chose my outfit for the meeting. But I had second thoughts once I saw the dress in pictures. Is it too tight to look professional? Should I have gone a size up? I'd love to hear what you think!

Rebecca Taylor Bustier Combo Dress and L.A.M.B. Sandals
Rebecca Taylor typically runs small, so if you ever decide to order something from this designer, definitely go a size up. I am normally a size four, and here I am wearing a size six. You can see the dress is hugging me pretty closely, though. Maybe I should have checked my ego at the door and opted for the size eight.

I also decided to pair the dress with my Coach Kristin Leather Zip Tote and a pair of my more fashion forward sandals: L.A.M.B. Quiana Platform Sandals. I think these sandals make a more funky statement than wearing just ordinary pumps. One of the female executives we met with actually mentioned how much she liked them on our way of the meeting. I guess that's a good sign. :)