Monday, June 8, 2015

Brother and Sister Time

This weekend, we spent some time with Chapin's sister, Stacey, and her husband, Daniel. They arrived in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, and we took them to an early dinner at Ecco, one of our favorite Midtown restaurants. We talked and ate for about three hours, which is my favorite way to spend an evening.

Here is a great picture of the brother and sister duo before we headed out for the evening. Can't you see the resemblance?

Chapin and his younger sister, Stacey: June 6, 2015
Stacey and I actually have the same birthday, which I will forever think is such a weird coincidence. It's the same day, year, and month.

Although I missed seeing my nephews, I was so happy to see Stacey and Daniel. They also had the chance to meet Norman. He gets car sick on even short car rides, so we have been hesitant to take him on any trips. I'm hoping that with some meds that will change this summer.

Since this blog is focused on fashion, I will mention the outfit I wore to dinner.

This dress is really slimming. The side panels and the back of the bodice are in black!

Shoes: Saint Laurent Paris 80 Studded Cap Toe Pumps (sold out, but check eBay)

Eye Makeup: My eye shadow is a blend of some different NARS products, and the eyeliner is Lancome Precision Liner in Black. I added a little Navy eyeliner (also Lancome Precision Liner) in the corners of my eyes for emphasis.