Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun on the Fourth

One of the best holidays for relaxing is, in my opinion, the Fourth of July. This year, with the holiday falling on a Saturday, most people were off Friday as well, resulting in a wonderful three-day weekend. Here are my holiday highlights:


I didn't leave the house on Friday, mainly because I wanted to get in a full day of rest before I ran the Peachtree Road Race. I squeezed in one last run, binge-watched Season 1 of Silicon Valley (totally hooked), and enjoyed sushi from Hoki as my 'big meal' the night before the race. Chapin was sweet enough to go pick it up for me. I love my husband!

Saturday (July Fourth):

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the Peachtree Road Race. It was my third time running the race, and the first time running it in the rain. The last two years, the weather has been great, so I guess I was spoiled. This year, the rain definitely slowed me down. I finished the 10K race (6.2 miles) in 54 minutes, which means I was almost four minutes slower than my best time (50 minutes, 35 minutes). I took a nasty fall earlier this year, and have been having problems with my right knee, so I was not surprised to see the results. I was glad to come in under an hour.
Here I am before we started running the 2015 Peachtree Road Race. I love the flag waving in the background. I'm glad I got this photo in during a brief lull in the rain, P.S.: I don't have a speck of makeup on - just sunscreen!

We enjoyed the evening of the Fourth at a casual barbecue. It was our first time meeting Chris and Emily's baby boy, Max. He is such a cutie at just four months old! Chapin made an amazing gluten-free macaroni and cheese dish for the occasion. I think it had four different types of cheese in it!

To end the evening, we ate ice cream and watched fireworks back home with Norman. We were worried about him getting upset at all the noise, since he currently shakes every time the smoke alarm goes off (always when Chapin makes pizza), but he seemed fine with all the firework sounds. I was missing George all day long. Our first July Fourth without him.

Here I am in my July Fourth outfit with all my makeup on. I'm wearing the Shoshanna Sand and Navy Striped Crepe Valencia Fit and Flare Dress (no longer available). My arms look pretty muscular here. (In addition to running, I lift weights, too.) I think it's the cut of the dress that shows them off a little more than usual. 

Dress by Shoshanna

I spent the day finishing up Season 2 of Silicon Valley and getting a little bit of work done. I was feeling blue, really missing George, so I went over to Phipps Plaza to cheer myself up. Saks is having an amazing sale, and I bought myself a new pair of pink Christian Louboutins for 60% off. For this fashionista, that's a great way to end a three-day weekend.