Monday, March 7, 2016

Making My Case

I tend to push myself pretty hard at work, so it's no wonder that every once in awhile, my body tells me I need a rest. This past Friday night, I came home while it was still light outside (rare for me), and basically proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend just resting in bed or in front of the TV. Sometimes you just need that kind of weekend!

I did binge watch the first several episodes of The People v O.J. Simpson, and the narrative really drew me in. I remember this case so vividly, and it's interesting to review it now, as an adult, as opposed to the young teen I was back in 1994/1995. I knew O.J. from the Naked Gun movies, and I remember really doubting his guilt in the crime. Now, I am certain that he committed those murders.

The mini-series also starts out with scenes from Rodney King and the riots in Los Angeles as a way to frame what happened and how O.J. could be acquitted. I found it all really interesting, maybe because I was seeing the case from a fresh perspective. If you are looking for something to watch, I recommend it.

Despite my need for sleep and rest, I did manage to venture out on Sunday. The weather in Atlanta was so beautiful all weekend, and I took Norman and Wally on a long walk. They are still not getting along well, but they do like spending time outside.

Norman and Wally hanging out at one of the parks in our neighborhood.
Today's dress features a wonderful floral pattern in a bouquet of vivid blues and greens. I am so excited for spring! Although I don't normally like buying silk dresses - they wrinkle the minute you sit down - I gave in on this one because I think the print is just so beautiful.

Dress: Trina Turk Cosima Brandy Alexander Silk Mikado Dress

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Shoes: BCBGeneration Peep Toe Pumps (no longer available)