Monday, June 27, 2016

Charleston Girls Weekend

I spent this past weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, with my younger sister, Gail, and two of my oldest and dearest friends, Katie and Erin.

  • I've known Katie since my sophomore year of high school, when she joined The Speculator newspaper staff at Chattahoochee High School. We bonded during the summer of 1994, when we were roommates during the University of Georgia's journalism camp.
  • I met Erin back in 8th grade through a mutual friend, Laura. I was in the chorus with Laura, and she and Erin had been friends forever. I had just moved to Atlanta during the previous year, and I remember being so happy to have found new friends that I liked so much.
From left to right: Me, Gail, Erin and Katie.
Our excuse in coming together for a weekend away: Emily Giffin's new book, First Comes Love, and the accompanying Book Launch Party at the Gaillard Center in Charleston. I have been a fan of Emily Giffin's for years, and she actually lives in Atlanta. I've been to almost every one of her book signings, so I could not miss this special event. The first signing I went to, at a Chapter 11 back in 2005, had only a handful of people; this event had hundreds! It's been fun to see Emily's transition into a big-time author, and I'm so inspired by her success I've decided to start a novel of my own.

Here are a few photos from the weekend: