Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Add Some Sparkle

This week seems to be flying by in slow motion -- I'm super busy, so the days pass quickly, but the week feels long already -- so I decided to wear this sparkly dress today to inject some extra dazzle into my mid-week doldrums.

Dress: Donna Rico Printed Sequin Dress

I bought the dress on Amazon the day after Christmas last year for just $18.52. I couldn't believe my good luck that I could get such a pretty dress for such a huge discount. It was originally $159, so I definitely scored a deal.

You can still find the dress online -- and on sale -- at Amazon, Bluefly and (Unfortunately, the dress has not been discounted as drastically as it was back when I purchased it.)

Sizing Tip:
It runs a little large, so I would size down.

The dress falls to my knee, which I know makes me look shorter than my five feet, three and a half inches, but it wasn't worth it to me to get it altered. With heels, it still works.

You're probably wondering why I bought the dress ten months ago and am just now wearing it. Well... To be honest, I really debated whether it was work appropriate. It's definitely eye-catching with all the sequins, so it seems more suited for a weekend outing or even something fancy like a wedding. But, I needed some sparkle in my week, so I wore it to work on a day when I didn't have any in-person meetings with clients (or potential clients) planned.

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik BB Ankle Strap Suede Pumps (no longer available)