Monday, December 11, 2017

Dresses With Detail

This Trina Turk dress has a lot of subtle details: a small amount of fringe, the all-over floral embroidery, and the mesh hem that shows a hint of leg. It all combines into one beautiful and very unique sheath dress that makes me excited to see the Trina Turk label back on its game. The dress has a 1920s vibe that I just adore, and it's just a really flattering look.

Dress: Trina Turk Energetic Embroidered Floral Dress in Indigo

Find the dress at Amazon, Neiman Marcus and Saks.

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Specchio BB Pumps in Bronze

I'm getting over a cold or sinus infection or something, which is why I look a little tired in these photos. I blame the weather! Atlanta got snow on Friday (and into Saturday), and the constant change in temperature -- warm, cold, then warm again -- always throws me off balance.

Here's a photo from Friday night before all the snow had really fallen. I think we got about four inches in West Midtown.

I loved how many friends in the city were showing off their dogs or children enjoying the snow, running around in it and so delighted with Atlanta as a winter wonderland.

Not my boys. 

Here is how they preferred to weather the snowstorm:

I guess they take after their mamma!