Thursday, December 12, 2019

La Vie

I'm excited today to be wearing one of my favorite types of dresses: the long-sleeve dress. I am a big fan of long-sleeve dress and wearing long-sleeve tops with shorts. I feel so comfortable that way!

Today's dress is one that I coveted for a long time before finally buying. I love the colors, cut and overall look of the dress; it's a great addition to my closet.

Outfit Details

Dress: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Faded Garden Dress (no longer available)

La Vie was launched just a few years ago, and as it's a brand targeted at the working woman, it's filled with pieces that are more subdued and tailored (and oftentimes more affordable) than what you'll find in the main Rebecca Taylor collection. There are more comfort pieces, too, like soft t-shirts and cute rompers. (I have loved so many things from Rebecca Taylor lately, but I have to wait until they go on sale to buy anything.)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Lancer 85 Strappy Patent Leather Pumps in Nude (no longer available)

It's been a long week, so I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. We have a busy weekend ahead, though. I guess I can relax when the holidays finally get here.

Happy Shopping!