Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Stay Puffed

It was so windy when I was taking my picture that I didn't think any would actually come out! It's going to be a rainy and stormy week here in Atlanta!

Today's dress is one that I just loved from both a color and design perspective. As you probably know by now if you ever read this blog, I love a good puffed sleeve -- and the sleeves on today's dress are extra puffed!

Outfit Details

You can still buy this dress at select retailers like NET-A-PORTER or a longer version in a light blue. Saks is also carrying this dress in white, but I just love the army green color. It was fun getting my eye makeup to match!

The dress is super soft and easy to wear, fitted at the waist and with ruffles at the neckline and hem. It's feminine and chic - perfect for the office!

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Love 85 Pointed Toe Pumps in Gold