Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Election Day is here again! I voted early, and I hope everyone here in the U.S. reading this post is exercising his or her democratic right to vote. Let your voice be heard!

Since I'm in a patriotic mood, I decided to wear blue and red today. This dress has been sitting unworn in my closet since the end of last season, so with the weather turning cooler, I finally have a chance to wear it. I'm definitely missing those long summer days, though. With the time change, it's pitch black by the time I leave the office in the evenings.

Outfit Details

The dress is super comfortable, and the fiery red/orange trim matches my sandals exactly.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Lang Sandals in Flame

I just love these sandals. I have had them forever and they still look great. Plus, they are really comfortable for a pair of high heels. Jimmy Choo is the most comfortable of the designer brands, in my opinion.