Thursday, May 5, 2016

Time for Nachos

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Mexican restaurants are sure to be slammed tonight, so I will probably stay in and attempt to make nachos. I definitely have a weakness for Mexican food. Even though I have celiac disease, fortunately I can still eat most Mexican dishes. Thank goodness for corn tortillas!

I chose today's dress because the jeweled embellishments reminded me a little of Mexican tiles. I know... I'm reaching, but at least I tried!

Dress: Shoshanna Idalia Navy Dress

I love the delicate details on this dress. The small straps and the slightly open back are really quite exquisite. I also love how the dress moves when I walk. Here is a similar dress from the Shoshanna line that incorporates the same embellishments you see above.

Sandals: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker (no longer available)

Enjoy your Mexican food today!