Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Parker Here

Today I'm wearing my first Parker dress. The brand is new to me, but I have seen it on some of my favorites shopping sites, as well as on numerous TV shows, and have always liked its overall design aesthetic. For some reason, though, I never purchased anything.

But then I saw this dress! 

I had my eye on this beautiful dress all summer, and when it finally went on sale on, I scooped it up. I love all the detailed embroidery, and the intricate criss-crossing of the white, blue and red threads. The main design on the skirt reminds me of a Gothic cathedral or the windows of a church built over a century ago. It's fashion, but it's also art.

Outfit Details:

The dress is extremely flattering. The neckline shows off the shoulders, and the fit and flare design shows off a small waist. I wore a strapless bra, and am wearing a size small for reference.

You can still buy the dress, although it's listed at full price, on the Nordstrom website.

For the first time in months, I actually wore a jacket into the office this morning. I didn't need it by lunchtime, when I took a leisurely walk  with Wally around our neighborhood (Norman is at daycare), but I'm still sad to know that cold weather and long nights are on the way. I worked until 7:30 p.m. the other night, and drove him in the dark. Ugh!

Sandals: Betsey Johnson Lavant T-Strap Sandals

The sandals are no longer available. I've had these sandals for about six or seven years at least! Sometimes I like browsing through the old posts on this blog, especially when I spot George in a photo, but then I'm reminded of how old I'm looking! There's definitely a big difference between 38 and 32.