Monday, October 3, 2016

Pug Weekend

We've started sending Norman to doggie daycare at Bark and Board in Westside (Atlanta) once a week. Our trainer recommended it to help him expend some of his extra energy, so he would be less focused on Wally (and on starting fights with him). It's worked for the most part; while we still keep the boys separated, it's been weeks since we have had any real incidents.

That said, since Norman gets to leave the house for socialization once a week, I thought Wally might benefit from an outing all his own this past weekend. I took him with me to Pampered Pet Care's 10th anniversary party in Canton, Georgia, where I met up with my sister, Laura, and my nephew, Cole.

With my sister, Laura, and her son, Cole on October 1, 2016

Wally had a great time at the outdoor event (and the weather was perfect). He peed on everything in sight -- he is such a marker! -- and he was very well behaved even with all the other animals around. Some alpacas were particularly intrigued with him! Maybe they have never seen a pug before.

The alpacas kept looking at Wally!

Here are my outfit details for today:

Dress: Shoshanna Black and Gold Glenda Dress

Although the dress is sold out on, you can still purchase it on Amazon or 6pm at a discounted price.

Sandals: Jimmy Choo Bronx Black and Gold Buckle Sandals (no longer available)

I'll end today's post with this photo I took of Wally yesterday afternoon. He is such a little sweetheart.
Wally, also known as "Wallykins," at home on October 2, 2016