Monday, May 8, 2017

Mourning 38

Happy Monday! The weekend flew by, mainly because I was so busy.

We kicked off the weekend Friday night by seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at Phipps Plaza with our friend, Elizabeth. Chapin and I both loved the first movie, so going to see the second movie on opening night was a no-brainer. Norman and Wally spent the day at doggie daycare, so we were free to have an evening out. I love science-fiction films, with some rare exceptions -- gruesome movies like Alien are never going to be on my must-watch list -- and I love a movie even more when it references the 80s. The first Guardians of the Galaxy had a good plot, with characters I cared about, references I enjoyed (Kevin Bacon!), and a kick-ass soundtrack of 70s feel-good hits. The second has much of the same, and is perfect summer movie fare (even though it's not technically summer yet). There's even not one, but two references to Pac-Man. Ha!

It also doesn't hurt that the movie stars Chris Pratt, who I think looks like a (more ripped) version of my husband. Chapin recently mentioned that he wanted to start lifting weights more regularly. Hmmm...

Saturday was a day filled with birthday fun, first to celebrate my nephew, Cole, and second to celebrate our good friend, Rahul. Cole has the best birthday ever -- Star Wars Day, May Fourth -- and I can't wait until he and Reid are old enough that we can go to the movies together. I definitely want to be the cool aunt and take them on fun outings.

Yesterday, Sunday, I met my parents at Phipps (again) to shop for a birthday gift. Yes, I have a birthday coming up.

Since I turned 35, I haven't really felt like celebrating my birthday. Another year older, another wrinkle on my face. Tomorrow, I'll be 39, which means I am starting the last year of my 30s. How did I get so old?!

Since I'm a little sad on my last day as a 38-year-old, I wanted to wear something fun and uplifting. Enter Karen Millen.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Karen Millen Floral Print V-Neck Dress (no longer available)

The dress was also seen on Jane (Gina Rodriguez) last year on Jane the Virgin! My sister, Gail, got me into this show, and I'm so glad she did. It's very addictive, and I highly recommend it if you like soapy dramas.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Luna 100 Glitter Peep-Toe Pumps (no longer available)

Can you see that the pumps are actually glitter pumps? I've had these shoes for months, but haven't worn them yet. I guess I was waiting for the perfect day. Wearing them today, with this dress, was a nice little Monday pick-me-up. And they go with this dress so perfectly, don't you think?

These shoes are sold out online, but check out this similar style in a multi-color glitter pattern, or the wedge version in this exact blue color.

The next time you see a post from me, I'll be 39. Ugh!