Monday, May 22, 2017

The Cold Shoulder Fashion Trend

I definitely prefer classic dresses over trendy pieces, mostly because I don't want to ever wear something that looks outdated. Remember the bubble skirt trend from a few years back? Will I ever wear those dresses again? Probably not. Fortunately, I only had one or two.

Today's dress is a good example of the  trend you have probably been seeing everywhere lately: the "cold shoulder." It simply means your shoulders show when other parts of your arm are covered. It's been popular for over a year, but I don't know how much longer it's going to last. Even so, I fell it love with the delicate blue and white lace print of this cold shoulder dress by French Connection. It was also a birthday present, and -- after all -- aren't gifts the things you want that you won't buy for yourself?

Outfit Details

Dress: French Connection Antonia Cold Shoulder Floral Lace Dress

My parents bought me the dress during our shopping trip to Belk, but it's sold out online. You can definitely still try to find it at the store level, though -- and it was on clearance!

Here are some other retailers to try if you like the dress:

Asos also has a long-sleeve version.

Sandals: Coach Monica Scalloped Ankle Strap Sandals (sold out -- but try eBay)

My parents also treated me to these Coach sandals, and honestly, I wear them all the time. They are white, so they go with everything, and the heel is low enough that I don't have to totter everywhere I walk. I never had Coach shoes before I found these versatile sandals, and I plan to get some additional pairs. Belk is no longer carrying the brand, but Macy's has a lot of good options. I love shoes that are fashionable, well made, and not too expensive.

The humidity is out of control today in Atlanta, so please excuse my hair. It was not raining when this photo was taken this morning, but it's been pouring since noon. That's summer in Atlanta for you. Wait, is it even summer yet? Yikes.