Monday, January 8, 2018

Time's Up

I was not invited to the Golden Globes last night (of course), but I'm doing what I can (from a fashion standpoint) and wearing black today to show my support for the Time's Up Anti-Sexual Harassment Movement. You may have seen the hashtag, #whywewearblack, in many posts straight from the Golden Globes red carpet; as most outlets are reporting, it was a virtual "blackout." (Even with all the talk about this movement, though, the male winners from the Globes remained silent, which really says a lot.)

As someone who has inevitably faced different forms of sexual harassment throughout my career, I am so proud that people are finally standing up and calling attention to this issue. I try to do my part  by hiring qualified women to work at my company, encouraging them to go after advanced degrees or pursue certifications in different types of marketing, and by ensuring that they always have a safe and responsible workplace to come to each day. Hopefully, that's enough for right now.

As for the fashion today...

Dress: Parker Silk Chrissy Dress

The dress is available in black, green and in a floral pattern on a variety of different websites. I'm wearing a size four for reference.

Find the dress at these retailers:

I really am in love with this dress. The fit is flattering, the beaded details at the wrists, neck and hemline are so chic, and the dress flows so nicely when I walk. I just hate silk because it wrinkles so easily! Ugh.

Shoes: Valentino Soul Rockstud Mary Jane Pumps

I'm also wearing ruby earrings (red/black) to show my support for UGA in tonight's National Championship game. Go Dawgs! Did they really have to cancel school for this event, though? Sheesh.