Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jennifer Aniston's Guide to Aging Gracefully

I recently came across The Bounty Hunter, the 2010 film starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, and after some quick research, realized I'm about the same age now as Ms. Aniston was during filming. Although her everyday fashion trends veer more toward California casual, Ms. Aniston has become my style guru (of sorts). I love how she mixes high-end and low-end pieces -- check her out in Dr. Scholl's sandals -- and I have always admired her red carpet style and dedication to staying fit and trim.

So it got me thinking... Does Jennifer Aniston know the secret to aging gracefully? After all, she looks about the same now as she did almost a decade ago! Here are some things I've picked up just taking note of her fashion trends and other choices.

Plastic surgery should be subtle.
While some celebrities look like a piece of molded plastic, Ms. Aniston, who most likely has had some work done (Botox? Laser Treatments?), looks more natural. She has wrinkles on her forehead and her face moves when she talks, but she still looks beautiful... and human.

Eat healthy -- but still indulge every once in awhile.
Being on a perpetual diet isn't fun, so you have to give in to your cravings. In interviews I've read with Ms. Aniston, she has admitted to being a big fan of Mexican food, not exactly low-fat food fare, and having the occasional cheat day. I try to follow that same philosophy, and have a "cheat meal" once or twice a week. It usually involves an abundance of sushi or chips, salsa and guacamole.

Regularly exercise.
Change it up, try different workouts, even different times of day, but do what you have to do to stay in shape. Ms. Aniston likes yoga and other activities. I run, lift weights and use the elliptical machine at a very high resistance. You have to get your heart rate up if you are going to burn calories. I stick with an exercise routine that works for me, going strong six days a week, and taking Sundays off.

Tanning is not an option.
Ms. Aniston always looks tan, and she has admitted to loving spending time in the sun. While I don't think that's the best way to look young -- the sun will age you faster than a pack of cigarettes -- she is somehow pulling it off. If I look tan right now, it's only by accident, via walks with my boys and from running outside on the weekends. I rarely go to the pool in my neighborhood, and always have a hat on to shield my face from the sun when I'm outdoors. Still, a tan, whether natural or bought in a salon, helps create that rosy, youthful glow.

Wear black.
Ms. Aniston is known for favoring black -- and there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to automatically be going to a funeral (or feel like you are) if you step into a black dress. Black is slimming, it's easy to dress up or dress down, and it works on just about every skin tone. Yep, there is nothing wrong with wearing black.

Outfit Details

Today, I'm following Ms. Aniston's example and wearing black to the office, in a dress that I bought for just $39 on Amazon!

Dress: Trina Trina Turk Pernilla Perforated Scuba Dress

There are only select sizes still available -- I'm wearing a size two for reference -- and the price is now higher, but it's still an amazing dress. Remember, when it comes to Amazon, you have to know when to buy to get the best deal.

Shoes: Alexandre Birman Lolita Striped Sandals

I chose to wear these multi-color sandals to add a pop (actually, several pops) of color to today's all-black outfit. It's my first pair of shoes from the Alexandre Birman brand, and so far, I'm in love!

So, fair readers, what are your tips for aging gracefully? I need all the help I can get if I want to follow in Ms. Aniston's footsteps...