Monday, July 8, 2019

Red Hot

It's been so hot in Atlanta the past few weeks. I just about melt every time I step foot outside. Thank goodness for summer dresses like this red and black polka dot dress from Milly.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Milly Tiffany Polka Dot Silk Midi Dress

Buy it now at Nordstrom Rack!

The dress is a gorgeous color and made from a delicate silk, but unfortunately it bunches around the armpits. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this dress. It retails for $495!

ShoesTamara Mellon Frontline 105 High Heel Sandals

I get so many compliments on these sandals, and they go with everything. If you're looking for an investment shoe, I definitely recommend the Frontline.

Weekend Update:

I worked a half-day on Friday, so while it wasn't a complete four-day weekend for me, I did enjoy myself over the holiday.

July Fourth I ran the Peachtree Road Race for the seventh time. It was so hot and humid, so while I didn't get my best time, I certainly enjoyed myself. I love people watching -- the runners and everyone watching from the sidelines -- and this year there was a great crowd, as it was the 50th anniversary of the race.

Later on that day, we had my parents over for a late lunch. Chapin grilled turkey burgers and made potato wedge French fries - my favorite!

Friday night, we also hosted a few of our friends for dinner, as everyone was excited to meet little Tulip. I've started calling her Tuli. (I'm not sure Lulu is going to stick, but we shall see.) She is such a joy to have in the house. She loves snuggling with Wally, playing with Norman, and running after everyone. You can't leave her behind -- she won't let you!

Wally and Tulip

Saturday night we had another engagement, although this time we weren't hosting. One of Chapin's shooting friends had us over to his and his wife's home for dinner. It was a fun night, and they lived over near Emory, so it was nostalgic for me to back in that area. So much has changed! I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since I graduated.

We also binged the new season of Stranger Things throughout the weekend, finishing up Sunday night. It was gorier than past seasons, but I loved all the 80s songs, language ("gag me with a spoon"), pop culture references, and more. Even Back to the Future makes an appearance, as the series takes place in July 1985. It was totally awesome!

The mall plays an important role in the series, and the production staff really did an amazing job turning our local Gwinnett Place Mall into an 80s-era shopping mecca. (Gwinnett Mall used to be the mall we always frequented when we first moved to Georgia back in the early 1990s.)

Hopefully you had a great weekend as well! And don't forget -- now is a great time to shop online. Enjoy all the sales... while you can!