Monday, July 1, 2019


This weekend was a very exciting one for my family, as we welcomed a new pug into our home: Tulip, or Lulu for short.

Princess Tulip

We adopted this sweet little girl from SNAFU (Short Noses and Friends United) Rescue, and she comes to us all the way from Omaha, Nebraska! Chapin traveled there on Friday to pick her up.

She is a very petite little pug, about half the size of her brothers, and just turned a year old this past May. She has had some past problems with her knees -- problems that required several surgeries -- but she is doing just great now. She just can't go up or down stairs or jump on or off the couch. If her brothers jump off the couch, she doesn't like to be left behind -- and she will let us know to PUT HER DOWN!  She is so spunky!

From left to right: Norman, Wally & Tulip

Tulip is already having so much fun chasing Norman and Wally around the house, and she does her best to keep up with them on walks through our neighborhood. She went to the office with Chapin today, as she is still potty training and learning our routines. She is pretty much happy all the time, and we love her so much already.

First photo as a family of five!
Outfit Details:

It's been so hot in Atlanta the past few days -- humid, too -- so I wanted to wear a comfortable and chic summer dress to help keep me cool. I love the ease of this Rebecca Taylor dress, and the lace is just beautiful.

Dress: Rebecca Taylor Lace Tank Dress

There are only limited sizes of this dress still available, but here is a similar dress from the La Vie Rebecca Taylor line.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Strutting Platform Sandals (no longer available)

I will remind everyone again: late June and early July is the best time to shop! You can score designer shoes, dresses and more at 75% off from stores like Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Have fun shopping, and I will leave you with one final shot of my fur-babies. I'm a pug mom of three!