Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shine On

This Rebecca Taylor dress is just gorgeous in person. You can't really tell from the photos, but the metallic threads shine and sparkle, catching the eye -- and the fluorescent lights in the office -- so that you truly stand out.

My shoulders are small, so wrap dresses don't normally work on me, but I would call this dress a "pseudo" wrap dress. You can't wrap or unwrap it, so it stays fixed in place. There's a zipper and several small snap enclosures going up the left side. I never worried that my bra was showing or that the dress was moving around; it's construction is just right!

Outfit Details

Dress: Rebecca Taylor Ribbon Lurex Jacquard Ruffle Dress

I have been loving the designs coming out of Rebecca Taylor lately. The dresses are chic and professional and just so appealing. Although expensive at full price, you can find great deals if you are patient. This dress retails for $595 -- but I definitely didn't pay that. I got this dress for around 85% off.

The dress is on sale, though you will pay more than I did. Buy it on the Rebecca Taylor website or at Bloomingdale'sRevolve or Saks. I'm wearing a size 2 for reference, though I really should be in a size 0. Rebecca Taylor sizing is running way big lately!

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Witness Dress Pumps (no longer available)

I think black or silver shoes would work best with the dress. Many of my shoes are already packed up, so my options right now are more limited. We will be moving in less than a month! I am sad to leave our little house in West Midtown, but excited at all there is to come.

Change is good, but it's hard -- especially for me. I get stuck in my routines and don't like to deviate from the norm. But without change, we miss out on so much. I just need to remember that in the coming weeks.

If you have any advice about moving, leave a comment. I love hearing from my small collection of readers.