Wednesday, June 3, 2020


The metallic threads in today's dress from Kate Spade really bring this floral dress to life. I can't imagine a better match for my silver and gold Sophia Webster sandals! They are silver in the front and gold in the back. (Is anyone else singing the Girls Scouts song in their head right now? "One is silver and the other gold...")

Dress: Kate Spade New York Metallic Floral Park Clip Dot Mini Dress

This dress is very "me" - the cut, the floral metallic pattern and even the little extra puff at the shoulders. Plus, it has long sleeves! I just love this outfit from head to toe, and I think the design really flatters my coloring and body type.

I got a nice affirmation from the security guard at the office today, too. He asked me if I was sure I wasn't a movie star. ;) Ha!

Shoes: Sophia Webster Nicole Sandals in Silver and Gold

I'm starting to get the hang of taking pictures at my new house. It's hard to believe my last posts before this week were from mid-March! We moved into the house and I had a birthday over these last few months. I still can't believe I'm 42! Ugh!

On a side note...
There is a lot going on the world these days, but my fashion blog is not the place to comment on these extremely serious issues. I'm trying hard to stay positive and focus on my family and company. Watching old 80s movies, fashion, new TV shows, books... these are the ways I cope with stress. Hopefully you are finding some good outlets, too. Stay strong!