Thursday, February 17, 2022

My Little Sis

I'm wearing the gift my sister, Laura, gave me for Christmas because it's her BIRTHDAY. I will always think of her as my "little" sister even though she's turning 38 today. I just can't believe that. Laura, I will always think of you as being in your 20s.

Outfit Details

The dress is still available for purchase on Amazon! Sugar Lips is a great (and affordable) brand that has some really cute dresses and tops for Spring. The line comes in regular and plus sizes, too. I'm wearing the XS size for reference.

I will forever think of the movie Overboard when I hear the phrase "Sugar Lips." Even though, as Liz Lemon (or was it actually Tina Fey) says, it's a movie about a man taking advantage of a woman with a head injury, it's still one of my favorite rom-coms.

Shoes: Oh...DEER! Wedges

The Oh... DEER! brand is not even around anymore. I've had these shoes for about 15 years, and since what's old is always new again at some point -- and chunky wedges are back in style -- I decided to pull them out of retirement. As I was taking my picture this morning, a woman walking nearby even shouted how much she loved them. Little did she know... I probably bought them in 2008!

Happy Birthday, Laura! Thanks for the beautiful dress. :)