Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100 Years

Today is DAY 100 in the Fashion Challenge! 

Today's dress is from the Donna Ricco brand. While I could not find the exact dress online, stores like Nordstrom have a nice selection of dresses from this brand. This brand actually makes me smile, because it brings back memories of when I worked in the Women's Dress department at Rich's (now Macy's) the summer after my freshman year of college. (Funnily enough, I was not as into dresses back then.) I was 19 years old and had to get a ride to work every morning because I still didn't have my driver's license. I actually did get it later that summer after taking lessons and a class with my sister, Gail, who was turning 16 that August. Yep, that's pretty pathetic.

I also smile at this brand because it makes me think of that horrible song from 1990: Rico Suave. My sisters and I recognized the singer, Gerado, as one of the football player "cool kids" from one of our favorite movies, Can't Buy Me Love. The song was horrible, the video degrading, and yet I still think of it every time I see the brand Donna Ricco. Go figure.