Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving on Up

It's been a interesting January so far in Atlanta, Georgia. Last week, the city pretty much shut down because of the snow and ice on all the roads. Schools were out the entire week, and many offices closed for several days as well.

Since we rarely see this kind of weather in the South, the city does not have the equipment and resources to pave highways, major roads and back-roads in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. That meant a lot of time spent at home for many Atlanta residents... including me! At least I got to shop online!

Friday, the first day I was supposed to actually go into the office, I woke up with very heavy eyelids. Nope, I wasn't just tired from the night before... my face, including my eyelids and under eye area, had swollen up overnight. Remember that scene in Hitch where he eats shellfish? While it wasn't THAT bad, it still was extremely alarming to look in the mirror and see a very puffy version of myself staring back. I had an allergic reaction to some medication, so it turns out, I didn't get to leave the house Friday, Saturday or Sunday, either!

Today, Monday, I had never been happier to wake up to my 5:30 alarm. (I get up that early so I can get in an hour-long workout.) I wanted to wear my new Jimmy Choos that I purchased last week -- I found these Jimmy Choo Izzy pumps in Earth online for under $300, which is a steal in my book for Choos -- so I choose this Max & Cleo Belted Jacquard Dress for my first day back in the office. Although it's kind of fancy for work, the dress is pretty comfortable, and I love the black-gold color combination, which is very trendy right now. (I have always loved the black and gold sequined dress that Nicole Kidman wore to the movie premiere of Australia in 2008.)

I also matched my nails to the Earth color of my new Jimmy Choo pumps using butter LONDON in Fash Pack. I had time to do them since I was home all weekend. :) I know it's very matchy-matchy, but I think it looks great!