Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mambo Italiano

Chapin and I finally celebrated my 33rd birthday this past weekend with an evening out at one of our favorite suburban restaurants: di Paolo. We don't usually venture outside the perimeter, but I wanted to stop in and see my parents.

This year, my parents bought me the Amazon Kindle, one of the leading e-book readers, as a birthday gift. I could not wait another day to play with it and try it out. (That's what she said. Ha ha.) They also offered to hang out with George while we were at dinner, which worked out great, since an art exhibit was going on in the loft next door, and I didn't want the noise to disturb George. My mom was only too happy to spend an evening with her first grand-pug!

Chapin and I first discovered di Paolo back in 2000, during our first year of dating. At this point, we had already gotten jobs and moved into our first apartment, so we didn't usually eat dinner out in the 'burbs. One weekend, my parents went out of town, and asked us to take care of Laura, who was then only 16. They felt Laura was still young enough to need some supervision, and I am not sure she was even driving yet. So Chapin and I took her to dinner at di Paolo and stayed overnight at the house in Alpharetta.

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the bruschetta of the day. It is always fabulous, and the portions are huge, with three pieces for each of us. Believe me: we eat every bite!

For our special evening out, I chose this purple and black Cynthia Steffe dress. It's not that sexy from the front, but turn it around, and...BAM! Open back! I also love that my purple sandals match the color almost perfectly. Is it too matchy-matchy, or do you think I did okay?