Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday, which means I am growing ever closer to that huge milestone: 40! For now, I guess I will just have to enjoy being in my "early 30s." I do feel like I have accomplished a lot in my life up to this point, and I am definitely very happy with my career, marriage, family and friends. I know I have a lot to be thankful for each and every day.

Wearing my new birthday dress on my birthday!

If you are young, though... enjoy it while you can. The old adage, "youth is wasted on the young," is so true. Here are some things I miss about my 20s:

Sleep, sodium and wearing it on your face: One thing I am noticing more and more as I age is that if I don't get enough sleep, or don't drink enough water, or eat sushi dipped in soy sauce or other high sodium foods, then I wear it on my face the next day. I hate it. It has definitely forced me to drink more water, especially at night, since I am usually so busy during the day that I forget.

Wrinkles: I have been stressing about the lines on my face literally since I was 13 years old. Ask anyone who listened to me whining in 8th grade. I didn't know how good I had it. Although I try not to let the sun touch my face - I wear sunscreen everyday, and a sun hat if I'm at the beach or pool - I still have wrinkles around my eyes and on my face that are getting deeper with each year. I recently heard good things about Lancome's Genifique, so I have added that to my arsenal of skin care products. Some general tips:

  • Get facials when you can to clean out your pores
  • Add a vitamin C serum to your morning skin care routine
  • Add a vitamin A serum to your nighttime skin care routine
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

The Baby Question: During the last few years, I have started getting this question more and more... from my parents, friends and other people who find out my age, then raise their eyebrows when they realize I don't have kids. I am definitely judged for not having them! At least when I was in my 20s, I didn't get the question so often.

But there are definitely things I DON'T miss about my 20s: being the inexperienced one at work, still trying to figure out my career goals, not having any money because Chapin and I were both starting out at the same time... I am definitely older, but wiser, as the saying goes.

Although I hit 33, I definitely enjoyed my birthday. My family always makes a fuss, getting cake and singing to me. (My dad leads.) I loved getting so many birthday calls, cards, texts and Facebook messages... I felt so loved.

My staff surprised me with a book and card they all signed, my business partner took me out for sushi, and my husband came home from a long business trip out of town. That was probably the best present, though I did love everything else I received from my family. I am wearing two new things in the picture above: the dress (from my parents and sisters) and the silver hoop earrings (from my in-laws) that are not too big and not too small... but just right.

The dress is from Shoshanna (the "Shoshanna Scoop Neck Tulip Dress"), and I've been lusting after it for awhile. It makes a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

The silver hoop earrings from my in-laws were a surprise, and I love that I can wear them with anything. They are just perfect for me. I think my mother-in-law picked up on my style after reading my blog everyday.

I also love my new Kate Spade iPhone case, new Blu-Ray DVDs, and I am getting ready to get the big present from my parents: the Kindle! I can't wait to check it out.