Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Important business meetings call for professional outfits, but that's no reason you can't look chic. I am not a big fan of dressing like a man (i.e. wearing pants or pantsuits); just because you may have a high powered position, doesn't mean you have to abandon your femininity. Instead: embrace it!

Dress: Single Dress by Galina Sobolev

I love the maroon color of today's dress, partly because it goes so perfectly with my ruby jewelry, and partly because it's just a great color. As I post these photos to Instagram - don't forget to follow me! - I've noticed a trend: people respond more to outfits with a bold color choice as opposed to simpler black and white or muted tones.

My advice: look at your own wardrobe, and see where you can add a little color. I like posting my outfits of the day because it helps me vary weekly color choices as well!

If you need shopping help, just leave a comment. Tell me your size and height, what kind of outfit you need, your budget, and I will start the hunt. I never buy anything full price. There are some great deals out there if you are willing to spend time looking.

I could not find today's dress online, but the Veronika style dress is available in other colors:

Shoes: Butter Women's Santiago Platform Pumps

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