Friday, March 27, 2015

Always With Me

I had a wonderful experience early this morning that I just have to share with all my readers. To be honest, I've had a tough week. Chapin has been working crazy hours, so I've been on my own quite a bit. Whenever I'm alone too much, I wallow and start to cry and miss George more than ever. Last night, I broke down while emptying the dishwasher. I just cried and cried, my heart aching.

I've asked George often to give me a sign that he's alright, but I've never received an answer... until this morning.

I was thinking all week that the weather has been nice, but I haven't seen any bunnies. That may seem strange to you, but there are bunnies all over our neighborhood. I'm still not used to seeing them every once in awhile, because I'm a city girl, and I never saw any growing up in Alpharetta.

Anyway, this morning, as I was walking home after my workout, I saw one. It stared at me from a half block away, and I stared right back. I know you might think it's some big coincidence, but I do believe George was sending me a sign. I know, it's silly, but it makes me feel better to think he is with me, listening and watching over me.

So that's my story, cheesy as it might be. Now, on to the outfit.

Dress: Shoshanna Teal Sweater Dress

Yes, we are back to sweater weather today. It was only in the 50s in Atlanta, and so windy.

Shoes: Schutz Irma Ankle Strap Sandals

Also available in black or the same nude color from Neiman Marcus Last Call. You can also check out these Schutz booties - same pattern, different style.

Tip: If you ever want your legs to look longer, try a nude sandal. It really works.

Schutz Sandals (close-up)
Happy shopping!