Monday, March 23, 2015

The Informer

The name of this dress is the Nanette Lepore Informer Dress, so of course I get that silly 90s song in my head every time I wear it!

Outfit of the Day

Dress: Nanette Lepore Informer Lace Sleeveless Dress in Blue

The dress is still available online from a few retailers, but you should hurry if you're in the market to purchase it, because most of them only have a few sizes remaining:

Shoes: L.A.M.B.

This past weekend went so fast, and it was the first time in a long time where I really forced myself out of the house. I have been such a hermit since George passed away; I just haven't felt social. I hope as time continues to pass and I grow stronger that life will get easier. I still miss George every day, all day.

Gelato with George (2011)
My mom sent me this recent article about a pet loss support group. I actually attended this very group soon after Izzie passed away in 2010. My sister, Laura, came with me. It was comforting to know others were going through a loss just like mine, and that it wasn't "weird" to be in mourning over an animal.

I only went to the group once, mostly because of weekday traffic and my crazy work schedule, but I wish I could have attended the group at least a few more times. It helps to talk about your grief; at least, it helps me. George was such a huge part of my life for ten years. I really feel his absence, and I like talking to him out loud, wishing him a good night and letting him know I'm thinking about him and missing him.

I probably miss him the most in the evenings... When I return home, and he's not waiting to see me and give me nose kisses with his seafood scented breath... When I'm going to sleep and he's not snoring away in the bed nearby... When I'm watching TV or working on my laptop and he's not right next to me.

Spending time with family and friends, as I did this weekend, is a good thing for me right now, so that's what we did!

  • Friday night, Chapin and I ate dinner with a friend (and her husband) from my Book Club. The fries at Ormsby's are not to be missed.
  • Saturday, I had a hair appointment and then we attended a birthday party for a friend's three year old. Her present was a stuffed pug and a book about a sleepy pug.
  • Sunday, we went over to see my parents and eat dinner with my visiting cousins and my sister, Laura, and her family. My mom made a Cajun Shepherd's Pie that Chapin makes a few times a year. She nailed it!
This coming weekend, we will be celebrating my nephew's third birthday, and my sister will be in town from Chicago. Hopefully, it will be another fun weekend.