Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let's Go to the Movies

We went to the movies this past weekend for the first time in what seems like forever (translation: six months). Chapin wanted to see the new Mad Max adventure, and since he hardly ever wants to go to the movies, I agreed. We met up with our friend, Elizabeth, at Phipps Plaza, where they have the best movie going experience in Atlanta (in my humble opinion).

I wore one of my favorite sundresses to the theater, and I had just had my hair done earlier that day, so it's at its reddest. What do you think? Chapin is probably going to be mad I even posted this photo, since he had "no product" in his hair.

Dress: Nine West Polka Dot Navy and Green Sundress

The dress is no longer available (I bought it several years ago for a steal), but Amazon has a great selection of Nine West dresses. Here's a similar style.

Chapin asked why I wanted to wear a dress just to go sit at the movies, and I explained that I preferred a dress over jeans (too hot) or shorts (just not as comfortable... I have to keep pulling them down). It all comes down to comfort, right?

Shoes: Tory Burch Navy Suede Flats

Hair: Jill Gregory at Grow Salon in Decatur, Georgia

Jill has been cutting my hair for years, and I followed her when she left Adore Salon in Inman Park for Grow Salon. Decatur is a hike for me, but I don't care - I don't trust anyone else with my hair. We have tried some fun things over the years: chopping my hair off, highlights, layers, and now the red. It's fun to experiment!