Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Match Made in Heaven

Today's blog post title is not only referring to the fact that my shoes and colorblocked dress match up perfectly, but because we have decided to open our home to a new pug.

First, the outfit:

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria Colorblock Drie Dress

The dress is still available (and on sale) at the following retailers:

Beware, though: This dress wrinkles easily! I even ironed it before work this morning.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Soundtrack High Heel Sandals

These suede sandals, in a port wine color called Currant, are still for sale at the following sites:

I absolutely love the name of these shoes! In high school and college, before the days of iTunes and Pandora, I was obsessed with buying movie soundtracks. I have so many CDs now of soundtracks from a variety of 90s movies, from Aladdin to You've Got Mail. I don't really buy CDs now... does anyone?

Now, the pug news:

As many of my readers know, I have struggled this past year with getting over the death of my first pug, George.

George was extremely important to me. He was my baby, my buddy, my best friend. He was there for me always - never judging, just loving.

Last week, we discovered a pug available for adoption at the Clayton County Humane Society, and today, we are picking him up and bringing him home. I'm excited, scared, and dreading such a big change. Those who know me well know I don't like changes in my routine or my world. Chapin pushed me (hard) to get me to say yes, and I finally relented, because this little guy needs a home. He's thin and has a skin condition, and wasn't well cared for during his short life. He's four years old, fawn-colored, and currently unnamed. I'll keep you all posted!

Maybe he's a gift from George. Tomorrow, George would have turned 11 years old...