Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spanish Influences

It's been a busy few days since we returned to work following the Thanksgiving holiday. I took full advantage of the extra days off to relax, and watched plenty of old episodes of Gilmore Girls! I loved that show when it aired, and it's been fun re-watching the series on Netflix.

Today's dress, to me, has some Spanish influences. Although it doesn't fit quite right in the bust, and the length is a little long for my frame, I still think it's a fabulous dress... and one that is fairly unique. It's hard to see, but the pattern has hints of light blue that I decided to play off when choosing my earrings and footwear.

Dress: Shoshanna Clark Embroidered Dress

You can still buy the dress in white on Shoshanna's official website.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Peep-Toe Blue Pumps (no longer available)

Here is a photo from Thanksgiving Day. We had my parents over to our home, and Chapin cooked the turkey. He did some inventive things this Thanksgiving - turkey confit using duck fat! - and all the food was wonderful. Chapin is such a good cook, and you can see he's wearing his chef's coat. (Fun fact: The duck fat cost more than the turkey!)

Norman spent a lot of time in the kitchen supervising Chapin's efforts. I included a photo of him below.

You can also see I'm wearing my George necklace from Three Sisters Jewelry. I've been thinking of George a lot lately. I often find myself thinking of this comic from New Yorker cartoonist Charles Barsotti. It comforts me when I'm missing George the most.